Terms and Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions which will apply to competitions and prize draws when applicable!

1. Only people living in New Zealand are eligible to enter.
2. All entries must be complete to be valid.
3. In the case of a competition question, then this must also be answered correctly, to be valid.
4. Only one entry per email address will be accepted as valid.
5. All complete entries received on time will be entered in to the prize draw.
6. Entries must be received by 5pm on the stated closing date.
7. The winning entry will be drawn on the day after the closing date.
8. The winner will be notified by email message within two working days of being drawn. The winner must respond to this message within five working days to confirm contact details and address details. If the winner does not, then the competition will be re-drawn.
9. Upon re-draw, the winner from this will then go through point 8 again.
10. Breastfeeding NZ’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
11. Breastfeeding NZ reserves the right to terminate promotions without notice at any time.
12. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash.
13. The prize package is not transferable nor exchangeable.
14. The winners acknowledge that Breastfeeding NZ accepts no responsibility or liability for any harm, damage or illness or injury, which may occur as a result of the winners winning the prize, and the winner accepts and uses the prize at his or her own risk.
15. The winners acknowledge that Breastfeeding NZ accepts no responsibility or liability for any prizes being sent to incorrect postal addresses. Breastfeeding NZ uses what is confirmed via email from the prize winner.
16. By sending in an entry, you accept these terms and conditions.


15 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions

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  2. What a cool idea! I loved breastfeeding, and encourage all woman who can breastfeed their baby, to do so. It is so beautiful! (Not to mention convenient!) And the baby body suit that say’s; “breastfeeding, go with the flow” I just had to laugh so hard! Very witty!!

  3. I have plenty of Breast milk however my son’s suck wasn’t very good so he didn’t get any milk. Visit’s to the osteopath, lactating consultant and hard core expressing 6 weeks later and my son now is on the breast at least 4 times a day and still no formula! So worth it!

  4. Every week should be breast feeding awareness week. Breast is best for babies as we all know.
    I feel very blessed that I have been able to breast feed all 5 of my kids.
    I feel so sad for those who want to but are unable for medical or other reasons.
    I would encourage those who try and find it difficult, please don’t just give up, it IS hard at the beginning, most of us are extremely tired, and sore, and we just want to sleep.
    I’m what they call an older mum. I have 4 beautiful kids from my first marriage aged; 21, 18, 15 and 13 years. I am in a new relationship, and have been blessed with another beautiful wee girl she is now 6 months old.
    When I had her, it was rather a different situation to my others, they were all full term, born naturally, no drugs etc. This time however, being an “older mum” my midwife said I needed to see a specialist, she suggested that I should be induced at 38 weeks. I wasn’t keen so she agreed that if I was happy to be monitored twice a week for the last few weeks we could wait until bubs decided to come on her own. We did this, and I’m happy to say we held on until 2 days before my due date.
    However I was induced, which was in itself a whole new experience for me. I had been suffering with a mild toothache for a couple of days, and the night I gave birth my toothache took on a life of it’s own.
    There I was in the ward with a new babe who didn’t want to be put down, I had all the regular soreness you have after giving birth, but I had this horrendous toothache, needless to say the last thing I felt like doing was sitting up and feeding her, I persevered, and here I am now with a wonderfully bonny 6 month old, fully breastfed baby… Life couldn’t be better 🙂

  5. I love reading your fb updates – thanks to those who run this site – i am genuinely encouraged by all the topics you discuss and love to read everyones feedback.
    Being a first-time Mum there are so many questions and daily challenges we face. Thanks to your discussion boards I have had many of these questions answered and although a little resistant to bf to begin with (both Mum and Baby!) we now both LOVE it and 9-months on we are still going strong.

  6. My wee babe loves his boobs lol! Total boob man and nothing else. He’s only 2months old and he can’t be fooled. Boobs all the way man!!! SUPAKAI!!!

  7. All for breastfeeding, I feed my daughter for two years, I was a teenage mummy, she is now 14 & am now expecting my second child in Jan 2011 & I plan to breast feed again.
    Well done to all you amazing mums, keep up the fantastic work.

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