Tell us your story

The National Breastfeeding Campaign want to hear YOUR breastfeeding stories! We want to fill our blog with YOUR experiences of breastfeeding. If you have a spare 10 minutes or so and you want to share your breastfeeding story, please email it to

Here’s the ‘rules’: please try to keep it to approximately 150 words or less, and to one topic (ie, why you chose to breastfeed; the first feeds; latching issues and how you overcame them; your tips and tricks for new mums from experience; combining breastfeeding and working; issues such as mastitis/thrush etc and how you overcame them… etc) however feel free to send in a few different stories if you have experiences in more than one topic which you’d like to share!

We will use your first name when posting stories, unless you specify you want to remain anonymous. We may edit your story to cut down words or do grammar/spelling checks. We can’t guarantee that every story will feature on the blog, and we will use the stories over the next few months so please bear with us if you don’t see yours up straight away!

We’d love to see lots of pictures of you and your beautiful babies too, so send in a picture along with your story! (We’ll post pictures with corresponding stories).


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