Glenda’s breastfeeding story – Exclusive expressing through a baby with cleft




“The smile we missed post-surgery”

Breastfeeding New Zealand is thankful to Glenda Dawson for sharing her personal story around her baby born with cleft and her commitment to continue expressing milk.

Good morning. Seeing Alicia’s story has prompted me to write this. My son (turning 3 in feb) was born with a complete unilateral cleft  lip/palate. Because of the palate involvement there was no physical way he could breastfed. This was my greatest upset in learning pre-birth about his cleft, having easily and happily fed his older sister til 13 months. I had amazing support from my midwife, lactation consultant and family-husband and was able to express exclusively for 13 months. It was an effort, especially on the weekly trips to Chch to get his wee plate adjusted for the first 4 months -1.5 hrs each way. Leaving the house meant pumping just before leaving so I would have a window of time to be out and about. Continue reading