Alicia’s story: Unexpected breastfeeding journey of a mother…

(Breastfeeding New Zealand would like to thank Alicia Walker for sharing her personal story of breastfeeding with the breastfeeding community.)

You watch movies and see these perfect babies being born. 10 fingers and 10 toes, you look forward to simply cuddle someone who you have created within you, not thinking that behind those little kicks, they could be hiding something unique about them.
We had planned Soren when my third child was around a year old, as months went by; I started getting worried that my PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) had started to affect me. A month went by without a show of my period, we got really excited. The day came when I had to test, utter disappointment, it came back negative. A week went by, I took another test, again negative. Finally I had my period, and I cried as most TTC couples do when they get another disappointment. Continue reading


Real mum story – Nicky Meadowcroft

My milk supply was terrible from the start. I was on Domperidone until bubba started on solids. I couldn’t express as there was never anything much there, and if I did get something it always mucked up the next feed. So I supplemented one feed a day with formula from five weeks to get her through the day without screaming for hours from being hungry. All against EVERYONE’s advice of course.  I think they thought if I started that, I’d eventually cave in and just give her formula full time. But I was very determined to feed this baby breast milk and didn’t want to give up again (2 other babies hadn’t been able to feed for long). Continue reading

Mum’s Experiences – Breastfeeding and Multiple Births

16 hour marathon feeding!

Here I was feeling all proud of my own claim to long sessions of breastfeeding.  My five hour lactating-lunacy periods pale in comparison to those of our real mum Donnelle. She did nothing but sit and breastfeed for the first month to establish a supply for her twins. It was her mother-in-law’s essential support that allowed Donnelle to forego everything else so she could concentrate on establishing breastfeeding. Ka rawe Donnelle – how flash! Continue reading

Real Mums Experiences – Breastfeeding and Working

Shove battery electric pump on one breast, pull clothing over to cover pump, start car up and drive. Get to traffic lights, quickly swap pump over to other breast and keep driving. Get to community meeting, store breastmilk in chiller bag with icepack. Place in fridge when I get home a few hours later. Ready for the baby the next day. Continue reading