For some women, breastfeeding is problem-free

Here Marama tell us about hers and others’ experiences of problem-free breastfeeding! Sometimes it just comes easily…

“It took me right up to our sixth baby to really say I had a problem-free time of it! By then I had a handle on a correct latch and had the faith to listen to my instincts about knowing what baby needed. It was absolute bliss.

There are many factors that might support a problem free experience of establishing breastfeeding. Continue reading


Common issues caused by an incorrect latch and overcoming them

Here’s Marama’s advice on latching issues and where to get help:

“Many of us have been there – cracked nipples, infection or mastitis, engorged full breasts that are uncomfortable. These are some of the common issues that can arise when the baby isn’t correctly latched.

Basically – a correct latch will protect the nipples and when baby is correctly latched on, then they will suckle efficiently, meaning your breasts are emptied well. Continue reading