Leilani Rorani – The first few days of breastfeeding

5 days after Leilani filmed her first video log, about her preparations and plans to breastfeed, she gave birth to baby Esther – her fourth child. In her second video log, Leilani talks about those first few days of breastfeeding and the challenges she has encountered so far.

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Leilani’s Breastfeeding Story – Part 1

In a previous post, we introduced former world squash champion Leilani Rorani, our new advocate for the National Breastfeeding Campaign. We are delighted to announce that Leilani’s new baby, named Esther, was born on Saturday 21st August! Leilani and her husband Blair now have four children – Joseph 6, Pearl 4 and Jasmine 2 are the older brother and sisters of Esther. Continue reading

Leilani Rorani joins the National Breastfeeding Campaign

As Leilani Joyce, she wowed the squash world as world number one, two-time British Open champion and Commonwealth double gold medallist. As Leilani Rorani, with a young family, she experienced a whole new set of triumphs – and challenges – and one of those was breastfeeding. Leilani and Blair Rorani have three children – Joseph 6, Pearl 4 and Jasmine 2 – with a new baby due any day. Continue reading