This blog is part of New Zealand’s national breastfeeding campaign, funded and administrated by the Ministry of Health. For more information and advice about breastfeeding, visit www.breastfeeding.org.nz. If you’d like to join a community which shares breastfeeding stories, photos, videos and support, visit www.facebook.com/breastfeedingnz.

The national breastfeeding campaign has produced a fantastic DVD resource called Breastfeeding. Naturally. To view the 7 chapters of this DVD, and other breastfeeding related videos, visit www.youtube.com/breastfeedingnz.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. It is great to see the enthusiasm and support @breastfeedingnz has after a short time on the social web. There clearly is a real need for the support and social benefits people using these sites can give each other. Congratulations.

  2. Breastfeeding rocks for our babies, I love it when I feed my girl we both cuddle up to each other and enjoy each other!!
    How long can u freeze your breastmilk for:?

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