Aniva’s breastfeeding journey through 4 C-Sections

Hi everyone my name is Aniva, I’m 22 and thought I should share my story.

I’ve got four beautiful kids; two girls and two boys. I just got of the hospital on Saturday. I had my boy on Wednesday last week. I had all four of my children by C-section.
I breastfed all four of them and I stopped breastfeeding my two older girls when they turned one, but I’m still breastfeeding my other son who is 15 months old, as well as my 5 day old baby boy. I am so proud of myself for breastfeeding all of my kids because now they are all growing up strong, healthy and happy. One happy Mamma here!

After having C-sections it was hard at first, I didn’t think that I could do it from the start because every time it’s been hard for me. But after all the advice and support from my family, partner, especially reading stories on the Facebook page it has helped to make me happy to breastfeed them until now. I’m so happy that none of my kids went on formula straight after I gave birth and that they are such strong kids – naughty but healthy and happy.


I get a lot of support from my partner, he helps me at nights when I’m up to breastfeed my kids. I’ve been reading posts on the Breastfeeding NZ Facebook page about how all the Mother’s breastfeed their babies and that has kept me strong and enabled me to breastfeed my kids until they want to stop.

Well done to all the Mammas out there and keep up the good job, keep breastfeeding your bubba until they want to stop!
Enjoy every moment breastfeeding your bubba. Thank you to the Breastfeeding NZ team for pushing us and giving us all the love and support to breastfeed our babies! Thanks guys appreciate all your lovely work on Facebook Page.

Have a blessed week to you all xxo



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