Real mum story – Nicky Meadowcroft

My milk supply was terrible from the start. I was on Domperidone until bubba started on solids. I couldn’t express as there was never anything much there, and if I did get something it always mucked up the next feed. So I supplemented one feed a day with formula from five weeks to get her through the day without screaming for hours from being hungry. All against EVERYONE’s advice of course.  I think they thought if I started that, I’d eventually cave in and just give her formula full time. But I was very determined to feed this baby breast milk and didn’t want to give up again (2 other babies hadn’t been able to feed for long).

I started solids at four months and she took to it very well.

All this time I myself was feeling shattered! Baby isn’t a good sleeper!! Never has been!
I also experienced chronic hair loss and I was very lethargic and downright lazy. I kept comparing myself to other Mums who all seemed to be managing to interact with their other children a lot more than I was, and to do everything!!!  I don’t think I was ever depressed but I just couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere, see anyone or even phone people. I just did what I had to do to get through the day. Sleep deprivation is relentless!!

Recently I went to hospital for a procedure. While there they did some routine bloods. I got quite a shock to discover I’m hypothyroid (and low in iron too). All those symptoms where I’d been seriously lazy, lethargic and shattered… all “normal” symptoms from having a non-sleeping, teething baby so I would never have thought it was due to a medical reason…

After talking to Plunket since being diagnosed we had a discussion that perhaps the medical profession should/could routinely test new Mum’s for thyroid issues? They are giving iodine during pregnancy but don’t follow-up on it. I think I could have been saved months of feeding issues had I been tested earlier.

Other thyroid symptoms may include hairloss, lethargy, low sex drive, depression, weight gain or loss… also all new baby issues. So incredibly hard for the new Mum to realise there’s an actual medical problem.

I just want other Mums to know that feeling “earth-shattered” from having a new little person in the house is entirely understandable, sometimes it isn’t. So if you are really zonked perhaps it would be a good idea to get checked out… just in case.

I’m now on the right medication. Still feeling shattered due to the wee non-sleeping person and still feeding her at least four times a day at 8 months. Little bit chuffed at myself that despite all of the potential setbacks we overcame them and got there in the end.   J



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