Mum’s Experiences – Breastfeeding and Multiple Births

16 hour marathon feeding!

Here I was feeling all proud of my own claim to long sessions of breastfeeding.  My five hour lactating-lunacy periods pale in comparison to those of our real mum Donnelle. She did nothing but sit and breastfeed for the first month to establish a supply for her twins. It was her mother-in-law’s essential support that allowed Donnelle to forego everything else so she could concentrate on establishing breastfeeding. Ka rawe Donnelle – how flash!

We agree that breastfeeding just one baby can be a challenge. Breastfeeding multiple birth babies is therefore a challenging but entirely do-able goal! If you are expecting multiple births we cannot over emphasise the need for specialised breastfeeding support.

One important aspect of birthing multiple babies is that they can arrive pre-term. Being prepared to express breastmilk is vital in this case. Your premature babies will get the health benefits that only breastmilk can supply and you can build your milk supply, making it possible to get the babies feeding from the breast when they are strong and healthy enough to do so.

Learn as much as you can about breastfeeding in order to prepare yourself for the demanding job of breastfeeding multiple bundles of joy!

You can find further information about feeding multiple birth babies on the following websites:

Ministry of Health

La Leche League


Finally, please join us in congratulating Donnelle for her efforts to breastfeed her twins. It sounds like it was a worthwhile decision for you Donnelle – and your babies Finn and Vieve.

Donnelle’s story:

Finding out I was pregnant with twins was a shock, but I knew I’d breastfeed them.  They were born slightly early, at just over five pounds each.  The next few days were a whirlwind of feeding, giving expressed milk, and pumping.  It was exhausting.  We left hospital after the twins were given formula without permission, when there was plenty of hard-earned expressed milk in the fridge.

The six-week growth spurt saw me feeding for sixteen hours straight.  It was hard, but I knew it would pass.  I was constantly starving and had to make a real effort to eat and drink enough.

I stayed at home and did nothing but feed for the first month, thanks to the support of my mother-in-law.  This really helped.

Breastfeeding twins is much easier than I thought it would be, although I am still constantly eating like a horse, even at eleven months.


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