Mum’s experiences – Sonia Gray and her twins!

Back to the topic of twins… introducing Sonia Gray. We already know the difficulty of trying to establish feeding even with one healthy full-term baby – then spare a thought for people like television personality Sonia Gray.

We all have great stories to tell and any mother who contends with multiple births has a different story again. In an earlier blog our ‘real mum’ Donnelle received help from her mum-in-law to get her twins feeding well.  What struck me in the first video from Sonia Gray, was the absolute determination she had from the start to commit to breastfeeding, which helped her through the challenges that lay ahead!

You will love listening to her feel so relieved that she stuck with it. Sonia expresses huge appreciation for the amazing benefits that breastfeeding has brought to her and her babies’ lives. To all you multiple birth feeding mums out there – mihi mahana, warm wishes. Please enjoy these YouTube video stories from Sonia Gray:

Finally, here are some information links around feeding multiple birth babies:

Ministry of Health

La Leche League



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