The Auckland Parent & Child Show 2010

(Click on the image for more photos!)

The National Breastfeeding Campaign were out in force at last weekend’s ASG Parent and Child Show in Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds!

We were working alongside Women’s Health Action and La Leche League, offering a lounge set-up for mums to sit on our couches and feed and also to discuss any questions or issues with a breastfeeding educator. We were also distributing copies of the free Breastfeeding, Naturally DVD and our support wristbands (which we’re told are a handy tool for remembering which side you last fed on), along with information about our online community on Facebook.

We spent the weekend telling new mums and mums-to-be all about the amazing support network they’ll find if they log on to We think our mums (and dads) on the page are FANTASTIC – you are always there to provide your advice and experiences to mums who have a question or just want to let something off their chest. Thank you for supporting each other and the National Breastfeeding Campaign; you are all stars!

If you don’t already have one of our great wristbands, you can order them from us. These are only available for people living within New Zealand. Order one for yourself, or order 20 for your coffee group – order as many as you like, completely FREE! Email with your NAME, PHYSICAL ADDRESS and the EXACT QUANTITY you’d like!


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