Who helped and supported you with breastfeeding?

We want you to tell us:

“Who helped and supported you the most with breastfeeding and what was it they did that kept you going?”

Let us know your experiences of support using the comments section below. To thank you for taking the time to tell us your experiences, all comments on this post will go in to the draw to win ONE of THREE double-passes to the Auckland Parent and Child Show, worth $30 each!

The National Breastfeeding Campaign will be attending the Parent & Child Show, where we will have a promotional stand alongside Women’s Health Action and La Leche League. We will be handing out FREE breastfeeding supporters wristbands and the FREE DVD Breastfeeding, Naturally. There will be people on-hand to offer breastfeeding information and advice, plus we’ll have a comfy lounge set up for you to come and breastfeed in comfort or sit down and have a chat with a breastfeeding educator!

So, get commenting! The winners will be selected on Wednesday 27 October at 2pm. We encourage you to continue commenting, but posts received after this time will not be valid to enter the draw.

The small print:

Three winners will be selected at random to receive 2 Adult tickets each to the Auckland Parent and Child Show at the ASB Showgrounds. The prize does not include travel or other costs associated with attending the show.

The winners will be selectedย on Wednesday 27 October at 2pm. We will contact the winners via email and a response will be required within 24 hours by each individual or another winner will be drawn in their place. Due to the Show beginning on Friday 29 October, it is important you are available to check your email and reply to us on Wednesday 27 October.

The show is on from Friday 29 October to Sunday 30 October, open 10am-5pm daily. Each ticket is for single admission only on your choice of Show day.

Children under 12 can visit the Parent & Child Show FREE, and there are some great activities for children so if you win tickets, make it a family visit – or take a friend with you and your kids!

The prize cannot be exchanged for cash and is non transferable.


49 thoughts on “Who helped and supported you with breastfeeding?

  1. Initially my midwife sorted out my breastfeeding difficulties and kept me motivated but it wasn’t long before I had a greater motivation. When I fed my wee baby (baby no. 1) her eyes would roll back in her head in sheer bliss! It was the look of utter contentment and peace on her face when she had a boob in her mouth that motivated me the most. All those long nights were worth it when she smiled at me over a boob!

  2. Best “breast” support person I had was the osteopath Jill Headifen at Milford Health Clinic, who identified over supply issues when my son was only a few weeks old and the lovely ladies at the North Shore Plunket Family centre who identified I was holding and latching him wrong, at 3 months of age. Had these not been picked up I do not think we would still be nursing now. Was a hard road but these ladies were brilliant.

  3. My husband first, always encouraging me and getting me what I needed even though he found it strange (ie cabbage). My sister who already had two children and could share ideas and of course my mother who came and cleaned and helped out heaps.

  4. My biggest help and support came from my husband! He cooked good meals, provided a shoulder for the frustrated and tired tears, helped me look online for video help on latching on techniques and gave me unconditional love and support. Didnt realise how lucky i was.

  5. My wonderful mum, who also happens to be a wonderful midwife! I did everything you get told to do in order to establish breastfeeding, skin to skin for an hour immediately after birth, breastfeeding on demand etc, and it was the most painful experience of my life (worse then the birth) both nipples were cracked right down the middle and then got mastitis, and I wanted to give up so many times! But my mum was my Saviour, she would get up in the middle of the night when I woke up and sit with me and help me latch, get me cups of tea and toast, and then after id finished feeding bubba, she would take him into her bed and let me get some sleep! She kept me going and eventually after a few months it was absolutely fine, and still going strong now at 11 1/2 months ๐Ÿ™‚ She also gave me the courage to breastfeed in public and 100% supports me breastfeeding even when people around me expect me to have stopped by now.

  6. My partner Tim encouraged me and kept me going, with drinks, snacks, cuddles, and love even when i got sick with the flu when my baby was a month old, when i felt like giving up breastfeeding, just cos i was so unwell.

  7. I have had both my mum, and husband support me with Breastfeeding our 4 children. What kept me going despite have mastitis 24 times over the 4 kids and suffering PND. Is that Breast is best and the fact that its the best thing for our kids….
    Having support is the greatest thing I have had.
    Also having had a midwife that would actually help with the positioning and correct latching helped too.

  8. My greatest support came from the Livejournal breastfeeding community (http://community.livejournal.com/breastfeeding/ though most is friends-locked). I read it while I was pregnant so I had most of the basics firmly in my head. My eldest refused to latch on the left, and I wrote some agonised 3am posts that very quickly got supportive and reassuring answers. I was glad of the time difference to the States!

    The suggestion that really put us on track was the idea to feed in a candle-lit bath. Lying back helped with the positioning, and we were both more relaxed. Once he had a good feed on that side, we were away.

  9. My mother in law has been brilliant- especially as I am still having lots of issues with feeding. We have had meals, she has done washing, dishes and fed Austin when I could only express. She has dropped everything a few times to come over and help me- its just been brilliant and has so far saved me from quitting twice.

  10. The nurses at the hosp were gd about showing me how to latch on so was my midwife. But my mum and husband were the best support to me with helping me out as i had an emergency c section so wasnt able to do much for 6 weeks even lift bubs up or bath him.

  11. My biggest support came from my wonderful partner who held my hand through it all. He still gives me great massages while I am feeding the little one, he gets up in the night and brings the baby to me all ready to go. He also constantly runs around after me so I could sit down and breastfeed.

  12. My husband was my biggest supporter. Whenever I had doubts about it all when the going seemed to get hard, he was there supporting me through my tears telling me how great I am and took charge of the household chores as well. My biggest motivation was knowing breast is best and when I look down to our son he would be looking back and locked eyes with mine, enough to keep me work through tough moments. So pleased I didn’t give up in those early days when everything seemed so hard and neverending.

  13. I found the midwives at Parnell Birth Care really supportive, I could call them day and night for help! Then of course my wonderful husband who cooked, cleaned and was at my beck and call for the first four weeks of our little boys life.

  14. My husband has been my biggest support when it comes to breastfeeding our babies – both of which always seemed to want to feed in the early evenings so he cooks all our meals and gets me drinks/food/phones/laptops etc whatever I needed when I was feeding and can’t do much. He also puts no pressure on me to have the house in any sort of order when he gets home (which is fantastic!) and he spends heaps of time with our toddler, leaving me free to spend some quality time with our newborn.

  15. My best friend Keryn. She listened to my struggles and let me spend the day on her couch just caring for my baby girl and learning that all my daughter needed was me while I was still struggling with breastfeeding and with post-natal depression. Keryn has constantly encouraged me to keep going and we have shared the mothering journey together as she has a baby girl a month older. Even when she was exhausted too I could always count on her support, whether it was a listening ear, some suggestions, or a meal. Whenever I have a question or issue I know I can turn to her for support and I can trust her to always support me but also to know that I want to keep breastfeeding but need help over the bumps in the road. As our daughters grow and fewer mothers around us are still breastfeeding, her support helps me to still feel ‘normal’ and that feeding beyond the first year is a good decision to make. I think every new Mum needs a friend like Keryn.

  16. Definitely my husband. First baby had silent reflux and was awake about 16-18 hours a day rather than asleep! New baby may have the same, although sleeps a little better. Through thick & thin he has helped in any way he can including cooking, cleaning, playing with our first born & getting up to her at night, changing our new addition’s nappies – including during the night, making sure I’m ok and all after working long hours every day to support us. Wouldn’t be coping so well without him that’s for sure!

  17. My sister gave me the advice if you are determined to breastfeed no matter what & for you it is the only option. You will succeed. My breastfeeding road has not been easy, but my keeping this in my mind has helped me be very determined & keep going even when it was an uphill battle.
    A fellow mother in my local multiple birth club ( I have twin boys) also gave me the advise if you intend to tandem breastfeed start from day one. It is much easier.

  18. My Mum was very supportive, she was up with me for every feed and helped me push through the pain. I suffered badly with mastitis, but my mum kept reminding me how good it was for baby. My dad and sibling would also help out by bathing burping and changing baby. 10 months on im still going strong and plan to carry on till we are ready to stop. Without the support of my family i would be spending a small fortune on formula be a little bit heavier and i would of missed out on that special bond a mother gets when feeding.

  19. My Mother & partner were both great incouragers of me breatfeeding my son. My mum helped me latch him properly and always got ne something to eat or drink when I was feeding ๐Ÿ™‚ and my Partner was encouraging when I was about to give up the first few weeks when it was really sore he even went and bought me nipple shields ๐Ÿ™‚ haha but I am very lucky to have an amazing support team ๐Ÿ™‚ also I am truly lucky to have such an easy baby boy to with out him being so cruisy and hardly ever crying and almos instantly sleeping through I think I probably would have given up in the early/sore days.

  20. My partner was my biggest supporter during my brestfeeding journey. He was fantastic with helping around the house and taking care of the evening meals while i got into a routine with our little man. He was always there when i needed to talk or cry and loved taking bubs in the afternoon so i could rest and wasnt so tired in the first few weeks. He supported all my decisions regarding breastfeeding including the hard decision to start weaning our little man who is nearly 16months. He always told me how proud he was that i stuck to my goal of feeding until 12months and has told m hee will support me with my breastfeeding when baby #2 arrives in april 2011. So many times i thought about giving up but it was partners support and encouragement that made like easier.

  21. my 5 year old daughter has been my rock so far. from the day my baby boy was born she has run around getting me drinks, pillows to prop us up, babies favourite blankies and burp clothes. she has been an enormous help to me! fortunately this time round breastfeeding has been very natural for me and i think it has been mostly because i have been relaxed!

  22. My Partner, Mum and a few close friends have been my main support. But the main thing that has kept me breast feeding is knowing the benefits for our wee man. Our baby is now 6 months old and I am still experiencing pain while breast feeding. After multiple Dr’s visits regarding ongoing pain while breast feeding I went to a lactation consultant at St George’s, Christchurch who diagnosed breast thrush and printed out treatment information for my GP. After 3 weeks on Fluconazole and an anti thrush diet I was pain free and realised how enjoyable breast feeding can be however it returned as soon as I finished medication and came off diet. Ill continue to breast feed though because i love the bond you have while breast feeding and goodness it provides our little rascal.

  23. My savior was definitely a retired midwife I met during a Waitangi rugby game held in Stewart Island. We were living there at that time and I was struggling to feed my son because he didn’t latch properly, so I was expressing and giving him my milk in a bottle and adding some formula too. She saw me there and approached to meet my baby and asked me how everything was going and I told her that not too good. Immediately she invited me to her home, and made me try to breastfeed my boy. Then she grabbed my boobs, expressed them manually, told me I had plenty of milk and took my son and pushed him strongly to my boob and there he was, latched! She told me to throw away all the bottles, went to visit me during the next week, and said that I had to be confident about myself and well… today my boy is almost 22 months and I’m still breastfeeding him. Thanks to her!!!
    (*I hope my English is understandable!)

  24. My husband has been amazing both times around. When my first daughter was5 weeks old I developed mastitis and a large abcess and was hospitalised. He stayed with me 24/7 in the hospital, sleeping in a chair and holding the baby to my breast when I couldn’t because of all the IV tubes in my arms. Outside of that he has always brought me trays of food while I am feeding, even getting up in the night (with the first child anyway) and bringing her to me to feed. Couldn’t have done it without him. It is very clear that we are both fully committed to breast is best in our family.

  25. My Mum and husband were amazing! My husband would get me drinks and make me toast and was a great support during tough times. My Mum helped out with housework and meals and did everything she could to get me professional help when things turned pear shaped, oh and the babysitting so I could have ionozone treatment to help heal my cracked nipples!

  26. After Haveing My First Two Babies Brest Fed For A Short Time, 6 Weeks Or So, Then Haveing Them Put On Bottles And Attending M0thers Support Groups I Finally Got My Inspiration, Confidance And Kn0wledge To Kn0w That Brest Feeing Is Best And For So Many Reasons .. Also From Multipul Sorces Such As Plunket, Treasures Nappies Club, Reap, Family, Friends To People I Seemed To Notice All Around Me At The Time Also Brest Feeding Their Babies .. When Your Pregnant You Always Seem To N0tice Other Pregnant Women Well I Would Always See Other Nurseing Mothers Everywhere When I Was Nurseing Baby .. Dont Seem To See Any About Any M0re .. I Was Fortunate N0t To Have S0me 0f The Verious Dreadful Complications That Can Occour Whilst Breastfeeding Apart From The Tenderness And The Biteing Which Can Be Taught N0t To Do With Expert Guidance But It Was Always Good To Kn0w Where I c0uld Turn To For Support .. La Leach Was Another Good One .. Alot Of People Have Internet N0w To Do Their Research And Get Supports Aswell .. ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. My husband and our mums. They all encouraged me and supported me when the going got tough, didnt judge when the first time around i had to stop after 3 months and cheered me on when i got to a year with our second baby after getting mastitis that saw me in hospital when baby was 4 weeks old. Couldnt have done it without their support and love!

  28. I’m lucky to have been surrounded by LOTS of supportive and encouraging family & friends. My Partner & Daughter run around for me fetching drinks, the TV remote, the sicky rag etc etc while I feed my 3 month old son. My closest friends who are also all breast feeding their babies (ranging in age from 4 months to 9 months), giving me helpful advice on everything baby related; and my midwife who helped me through those initial days of latching issues and sore nipples.

  29. I had so much support – a husband that was fantastic, a wonderful Mum, a very patient midwife, a lovely nurse in the hospital that helped in the first day IMMENSELY – not to mention La Leche League leader Jess Richards – who showed me using her own DD who was just a little bit younger.

    I had trouble with DD “clicking” when feeding, and nearly stopped – but now, 18 mths on – continuing to nurse!!

  30. My midwife was wonderful, cant recommend her highly enough!! And the wonderful ladies at the North Shore Plunket Family Centre, so supportive and encouraging…

  31. With my older children I wasn’t given much help at all…so when my 3rd child came along I figured that a bottle would be easier from the start. But with the help of one nurse from Palm Nth hospital (this is almost 21 years ago) I was able to breastfeed til about 8 months. Since then, I have had 5 more children (including my 4 year old twins ) and have successfully breastfed them all. My partner Mark is amazing and will make sure I have everything to get comfy before I feed our little man. It really does make a difference when you have support

  32. mainly my midwife but also went to an awesome Mums breastfeeding support group, we got some funds and bough some books for a library, it was so helpful!

  33. My husband gave me that first boost of support, telling me how well I was doing and to keep trying. My nipples got really cracked and sore however, so much so I went to a lactation consultant (who was excellent and gave me follow up phone calls!) and after that each time I got our son to latch he’d ask me if it hurts, was there anything he could do. This was fantastic as our son didn’t like to have his arm out so hubby will coax his arm to where its meant to be so I could get a successful latch. Once on and it wasn’t hurting he really cheered me on by telling me how great I was doing and that hes so proud that I stuck with it. He asked our midwife was there anything he could do to help me and even took time off work to come with me to the lactation consultant so he could ask questions and see what he could do. It was great having him at these appointments because he could understand and help, he really made me determined to never give up because he was trying so hard to do what he can.

  34. The first person that helped me out with breast feeding was both my mum and dad giving me support and guidance of what to do especially since it was my first and not sure what to do. Also the staff at birth care in hamilton helped me out with the breastfeeding. Then when i got matitis one of my friends helped me to try and be able to breastfeeding again with the 3. so i am really hoping that this baby will be a good drinking with the 4 baby that has just arrived 6 days ok

  35. I don’t need to go in the draw (I live in Sydney now), but I wanted to share:

    I breastfed #1 for 10 months, and after a disastrous attempt to breastfeed my twins which resulted in 10 weeks of 24-hour expressing, cracked nipples, thrush, mastitis and a nasty staph infection, I was determined to breastfeed #4. I developed quite severe PND and PTSD after the twins were born, and so during my pregnancy with #4 I was referred to Maternal Mental Health. They provided support on so many levels, but most importantly, they had a Mothercraft nurse visit me weekly after lil miss was born. Lil miss was pretty much born sucking, so feeding wasn’t hard to establish and my midwife was excellent, but having that extra support from Susan (Mothercraft nurse) really helped me to persevere. Lil miss was quite unwell as an infant and was hospitalised twice on NG feeds, but with Susan’s encouragement, I was able to express 100% of her NG feed requirements, and re-establish breastfeeding once she was weaned off the tube. She would sit and watch the girls (3 under 2) so I could have a shower, arranged for me to go to Family Centre for a break, and helped arrange respite care so that I could get enough sleep to cope with la newborn, Miss then-Five and the twins who both have chronic health conditions.
    I’m proud to say that lil miss was exclusively breastfed to 6 months, and now, at 2 years 3 months, is still very much a booby girl. When she asked me for “booby” yesterday and I asked her why she wanted it, she said “coz I like booby, it makes my tummy better”.

  36. My husband, with all the tea he brings me, and taking care of our toddler when I breastfeed our little one. And my wonderful Mum, always helping, supporting and positive, even when I’m having a hard day!

  37. my baby girl was 10weeks prem so for the first 5weeks she was feed through a tube. once she started showing signs of wanting to breastfed the wonderful nurses in scbu helped me bf her. she took to it straight away! once she came home at 35wks old, my homecare nurse was my huge support, as was my husband and my mum!

  38. My midwife and the nurses at the hospital were really great. My boy struggled with feeding at the beginning and I think I would have given up if it wasn’t for my midwife ๐Ÿ™‚ No-one in my family has ever really breastfed and I didn’t really think I would but became determined once I had started and realized how much he loved it, wouldn’t have kept going without support of my partner and midwife and the great knowledge of google!!

  39. My midwife and the nurses at the hospital helped me a lot when my son struggled to feed initially. I don’t think I would have perservered without their help ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Excellent midwife, great husband and even better girl friends who were having babies @ the same time. But I also agree entirely with Marion, but mothers who are not fully breastfeeding or bottle feed p/t or fully are made to feel less because of it and that is not cool! By the way I am fully breastfeeding but support mothers as long as they are looking after their children the best they can.

  41. I’d like to praise NZ doctors on their understanding of BF for babies and their mums. We were overseas when bubba was 7 months, I caught the flu bug and had fever, went to see two doctors both asked me to stop BF and prescribed me antibiotics which are not for BF mums. They didn’t listen that I wanted to continue BF. I decided not to take antibiotics and recovered in three days. Baby is still BF now at 10 month. He caught the gastrenteritis bug recently after we got back and passed the virus to me. I was throwing everything out for the whole day, not even water would stay! The Dr I saw cared I was BF and wants to continue as baby is unwell and would only take breast milk. He gave me injection to stop the nausea and pill to take, which both are safe for BF. We both got well within three days! I think the thing is DRs here understand and respect mum’s choice for their children, which is great! I enjoy BF and will so definitely BF my 2nd child!

  42. My greatest supports came from 2 sources. The first was my husband. He always made sure our toddler was being entertained and looked after in the beginning, which was very important to me. The other source was my online friends at Oh Baby. They were able to answer questions and give encouragement on those ‘difficult’ days. I think because we were all going through it at the same time, most of the information was up to date, but most of all it was good to know I wasn’t alone!

  43. My biggest support was my mum, and when I had my daughter this year my 6yr old twin boys were also fantastic – more than willing to get me a drink, or a burp cloth or anything else that I needed. And if their sister would start crying they would calmly tell me (after i was frustrated and had tried everything to settle her) its ok mum just let her have some of your milk and she will be ok!

  44. When my son was born my sister came to my house every day. Every time I sat down to feed she would bring me a glass of water and ask what I wanted to eat. My mum cooked all our dinners for the first week and could answer all my questions. She also taught me to latch him on lying down, which is how I pretty much always feed now!!

  45. My midwife was my saviour. I had a difficult pregnancy and a difficult birth so was expecting to have difficulty breastfeeding. Due to the nature of the birth I was unable to have skin-to-skin contact with my daughter for 1 hour while they stitched me up. When I was able my midwife literally grabbed my baby and grabbed my boob and just rammed my nipple into her mouth. WA-LAH! Latched and drinking.

  46. I had a huge amount of support from the Waikato family centre.my son had reflux and he would scream everytime I fed him. The family centre gave me the confidence to know even though he was screaming and spilling a lot, he was getting enough milk from me. The also helped me a lit with good technique with breastfeeding.
    My husband has also supported me all the way as well.

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