A day in the life of a TV commercial shoot!

They say never work with children or animals, and although there were no animals in sight, the film shoot for the new National Breastfeeding Campaign television commercial had on set arguably the most challenging kind of children to work with: babies and toddlers!

But, to our delight, the little cherubs performed like pros. They were absolutely gorgeous, as were their breastfeeding mums.

On Saturday 9 October, one television commercial (TVC) was filmed in one day at one location – a veritable luxury compared to the breastfeeding TVCs that were filmed back in 2008: 6 TVCs filmed across two days in two locations. Enduring horrendous weather, the GSL crew and breastfeeding client were stuck in a small, cold garage for two long days, watching the TV monitor which showed them what was being filmed.

Not so this time around; we arrived at Te Whanau O Tupuranga in Auckland on a sunny morning, which gave way to rain but we had the luxury of a warm corner of a big room in which to cosy up around the monitor, we were just missing a camp fire and ukele. Although the day started at dawn, the GSL team (Alex and Amanda) and the wider breastfeeding team from Ministry of Health were in high spirits – helped along by copious amounts of coffee!

We began the day by meeting our talent: the two lead characters along with our breastfeeding mums and their absolutely gorgeous, wide-eyed babies. Amongst the babies were two 12-week old twin boys who were born 12-weeks prematurely so had just reached new-born size. Lucky Alex was left holding one of the twins while mum had her lunch – she said “he was so precious, so tiny I just sat down with him and didn’t move. I didn’t want to break the baby!”

After a long day of constant filming, and photography shoots in between (look out for some new breastfeeding print ads and Adshels featuring our talent from the commercial) we all came out the other end absolutely shattered but happy at how relatively smooth the day had gone. Our babies were still bouncing, our mums were still smiling and excited to be involved with the kaupapa of the campaign.

The new commercial focuses on community support of breastfeeding in public and will be on your television screens from 21st November 2010.


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