Just-for-fun quiz. How well did you score?

Well done to all of you who tested your breastfeeding knowledge in our quiz on Facebook. The quiz has now closed, and here are the questions with the answers highlighted so you can see what you got right, or wrong!:

In the early 1900s Plunket originally advised mothers to feed their babies how often?

a)     Hourly?

b)     Two- hourly?

c)     Four-hourly?

Today, the Ministry of Health recommends feeding your baby how often?

a) Two-hourly

b) Hourly

c) As often as your baby tells you they are hungry by showing feeding cues

Plunket founder, Sir Truby King, specialised in what branch of medicine?

a)     Paediatrics

b)     Orthopaedics?

c)     Psychiatry?

What is the name given to a woman engaged to breastfeed another’s child?

a)     A surrogate?

b)     A wet nurse?

c)     A suckling sister?

Who was the Plunket Society named after?

a)     Sir Truby King?

b)     Sir Brian Plunket?

c)     Lady Plunket? (wife of the then Governor General)

What is another name for Colostrum?

a)     Foremilk?

b)     First milk?

c)     Hindmilk?

What is the name of the sensation women feel when their breasts fill with milk, ready to feed?

a)     Flow down?

b)     Let down?

c)     Engorgement?

What is the name of the breastfeeding advocacy group formed in New Zealand in 1964 that set up networks of mothers supporting one another?

a)     Plunket?

b)     La Leche League?

c)     Breastfeeding Inc

In the 1960s breastfeeding in New Zealand declined drastically. According to a 1965 Plunket Society survey, what percentage of women had given up breastfeeding at three months?

a)     50 percent?

d)     10 percent?

e)     80 percent?

La Leche is Spanish and means what?

a)     Breast milk?

b)     Mother’s milk?

c)     The milk?

What was the name of the group established to advocate for the rights of Maori women and their whanau?

a)     The Whanau Ora Association

b)     The Maori Affairs Department

c)     The Maori Women’s Welfare League

The UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative was introduced to:

a)     Make sure staff are friendly to babies?

a)     Encourage and support breastfeeding mothers?

b)     Make sure maternity hospitals are bright and colourful?

The yearly event held to get as many mothers as possible simultaneously breastfeeding is called?

a)     The Big Latch On

b)     The Breastfeeding Festival

c)     The Feeding Frenzy?

Were there any answers you were surprised by? How did you do? Don’t forget to keep yourself up to date with more of our breastfeeding facts from the history of New Zealand, in our blog section Breastfeeding in New Zealand – Did you know?


2 thoughts on “Just-for-fun quiz. How well did you score?

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  2. I’m feeling quite chuffed. I got one wrong, but I don’t know much about The Maori Women’s Welfare League. I suppose that’s something I have to look into!!

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