And the Competition Winner is…

Thank you to everyone who participated in our competition. Congratulations to our winner Katharina who got the answers to the following questions correct. Answers highlighted!

What is the name of the breastfeeding advocacy group formed in New Zealand in 1964 that set up networks of mothers supporting one another?

a)     Plunket?

b)     La Leche League?

c)     Breastfeeding Inc

The UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative was introduced to:

a)     Make sure staff are friendly to babies?

b)     Encourage and support breastfeeding mothers?

c)     Make sure maternity hospitals are bright and colourful?

The yearly event held to get as many mothers as possible simultaneously breastfeeding is called?

a)     The Big Latch On

b)     The Breastfeeding Festival

c)     The Feeding Frenzy?

Well done Katharina, look in your inbox for an email which tells you how to claim your fantastic prize of a t-shirt or onesie in your choice of 2 designs.

For everyone who tested their breastfeeding knowledge with our just-for-fun breastfeeding quiz via the Facebook community, the quiz has now closed too. 413 of you had a go at the quiz. We’ll put up the quiz questions and answers on the blog later today, so you can see what you got right, or wrong!


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