For some women, breastfeeding is problem-free

Here Marama tell us about hers and others’ experiences of problem-free breastfeeding! Sometimes it just comes easily…

“It took me right up to our sixth baby to really say I had a problem-free time of it! By then I had a handle on a correct latch and had the faith to listen to my instincts about knowing what baby needed. It was absolute bliss.

There are many factors that might support a problem free experience of establishing breastfeeding. The first two chapters of the Breastfeeding. Naturally DVD refer to some of the supportive factors. Chapter one is called Preparing for birth and encourages mums to find out as much as possible about the ‘art’ of breastfeeding during pregnancy. The second chapter Birth – initiating early feeds, looks at the importance of skin-to-skin contact straight after birth and how to spot baby’s hunger signs.

Those two DVD chapters can be viewed via the Ministry of Health website:

Or via our YouTube channel:

Preparing for birth

Birth – initiating early feeds

Two more of our superb mums Cara and Maxine share their stories with us about getting past only minor hiccups to a smooth sail there on in. They talk about their determination to succeed in breastfeeding and the support available to them. Enjoy their stories below everyone!


Cara’s story

(Cara and bump!)

(Cara and baby Harry)

“Doing skin to skin really prepared both of us for that first feed and after he latched on, he fed for nearly two hours.  It set the scene and our breastfeeding relationship has been a wonderful part of being Mum to Harry.

Even though I’d breastfed before, we had the usual learning curve that goes with every new breastfeeding partnership but I was well supported by my wonderful husband Luke, my family, and my super midwife.

I really believe in mothers’ ability to make milk for their babies, regardless of their size.  By following Harry’s cues, and feeding him according to his own schedule (not mine!), my milk supply was ample for my bouncing bruiser of a boy.  He’s a 100% breastmilk raised kiwi kid!”

Maxine’s story

“I always planned to breastfeed my baby. I had seen the mother of twins, a single mother with postnatal depression and mastitis, breastfeeding feeding years before, the only person I had ever seen breastfeeding. The memory of her determination made me staunch.

I resolved to find out all I could. I attended breastfeeding classes at Christchurch Women’s Hospital and was blown away to find out all the amazing benefits. I bought The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, to have in my labour bag, in case anyone/anything discouraged me. It made me feel special, which was especially welcome when I found all but two in my antenatal class had given up breastfeeding.

My midwife was supportive, and recommended La Leche League – so empowering. I bought all kinds of breastfeeding aids, nipple shields, boob icepacks etc. When my darling nursling was born she failed to latch and fell asleep. I fretted. When she woke, she latched on and we have continued to breastfeed, without difficulty of any kind to date, 8 months. So easy, lucky me! No wonder I’m keen to continue until she self-weans!”

For more information on La Leche League and joining your local LLL group, and to find out about purchasing The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, visit


3 thoughts on “For some women, breastfeeding is problem-free

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  2. Our baby boy, Thomas, was born by C-section and I feared that not having a natural birth would make breastfeeding harder … so I was very determined! After the birth we had skin-to-skin contact and he latched on with no problems at all. Then, within hours of the birth, Thomas was admitted to the neo-natal ward and that meant I had to travel to go and feed him. I insisted that he would be exclusively breastfed so the Nurses would call me when he needed feeding. It was a highly emotional time but we made it through and thankfully breastfeeding was established easily. We are still breastfeeding 10 months later and it is the best thing in the world. So much easier than bottles and formula!

    • Wow another inspirational story Deborah and good to see you on this blog as well! I would love to promote your story more so watch out on the facebook page.

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