Leilani Rorani – The first few days of breastfeeding

5 days after Leilani filmed her first video log, about her preparations and plans to breastfeed, she gave birth to baby Esther – her fourth child. In her second video log, Leilani talks about those first few days of breastfeeding and the challenges she has encountered so far.

Leilani stresses the importance of continuing to breastfeed if you need to supplement with bottle feeds:

“I kept my supply by continuing to breastfeed. For example, after every 3rd breastfeed, we bottle-fed. We followed that similar pattern for two days. We knew that it was important to continue breastfeeding, because that would help my milk come in full supply. Despite the pain, Esther and I worked as a team to encourage that process along.”

You can find more information about preventing and healing injured nipples by visiting breastfeeding.org.nz and La Leche League has some great tips on their website. You can also call Plunketline, free, on 0800 933 922.


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