Breastfeeding – is it ever easy?

Following a comment yesterday from a member of the Facebook community, we wanted to share a nice little analogy taken from Chris Kelly of Mamalicious.

The comment was

“Reading everyones’ difficult experiences aren’t very encouraging, its quite scary. Are there any who have had it sweet from the start?? Honestly?”

Chris Kelly’s analogy shows us that breastfeeding can for a lucky few be very easy – but not for the majority:

“I have an analogy about breastfeeding and I relate it to cooking! There are some people who can walk into a kitchen and they can use any ingredients, they don’t need recipes and they can whip up a feast that is 5 star. But they are few and far between. In the same way, there are a few women who can just pop their baby on their breast and they’re away – no issues, nothing to worry about.

Then there’s the other extreme – there are some people, who walk into the kitchen, they have a top chef with them and all the recipes in the world, and they still burn the toast! For some women, with all the best intentions, they can try to breastfeed but for one reason or another they can’t. But again, that’s a small few rather than the most of us.

And so, for the most of us we fit in the middle. For us, we go into the kitchen, and we may have a recipe. We may have assistance from people who know a little more from us about cooking, and if something doesn’t go quite right we ask for help. That’s how the majority of us are with breastfeeding – we need that help, we need the education, we need to get that recipe to follow. Having that help from your midwives, family, lactation consultants, whatever you find for support will make all the difference with successful breastfeeding.”

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6 thoughts on “Breastfeeding – is it ever easy?

  1. I do believe that at the beginning it is not. i had a hard time getting the hang off it to start of with. i had crack nipples howeva not as bad as sum hav stated on here. it took almost 6wks to get it right. my daugther was tounge tided which didnt help the matter as soon as the doc kliped the we bit under her tounge it all came rite. determation was wot i had to stick it out and successfully i have now feed all 4 of my darlings and even tho they close together the first few time in getting the hang of it is and art.

  2. ME, ME!! Me and my baby girl had it sweet from the start! Absolutely no issues and still going 6 months later!
    After the birth she latched right away, I didn’t try hold my breast in any way for her, she knew what to do, I trusted her like she trusted me.
    While we were in hospital though, she didn’t feed at all really, especially when the hospital midwives and nurses were trying to put her on and she simply wasn’t interested. But when we were left to ourselves she would latch and feed fine.
    Also the hospital midwives would get me to hold my breast at odd angles to try get her to latch but she simply wouldn’t have a bar of it and I later learned had I followed their advice I could have had blocked ducts etc.
    ANYWAY… We got home and had absolutely no issues, by 1 month/4 weeks she had gained 1 kg! By 6 weeks she was 4.5kg and by 2 months she was 5.5kg! At 5 months she was a whopping 8kg and 6 months almost 10 – Triple her birth weight!
    She has had the odd nursing strike but only for a few hours at a time.
    We have recently started solids, but tbh she was and is still getting more than enough from me so we probably could have held off longer had she not been interested in shoving everything in her mouth!
    I also think keeping an open mind helped things and just going with the flow. I had no expectations and was of the opinion if I could I would and if I couldn’t then that’s ok too. I am the first on my side of the family who has been able to breastfeed so I feel proud that I am able to and how great it has gone! Especially after reading some horror stories!

  3. it wasnt easy, lactation consultants and an amazing husband got me through with formula top ups, #2 we didnt do any formula and feed till 11 months, #3 we got to 14 months and #4 is going strong at 9 months, #3 and #4 it was just like riding a bike, I knew what to do and just did it…. had some issues with #2 getting going because of jaundice and neonates… but once it works its amazing

  4. so many different opinions in such a short space of time – had complications with delivery, needed blood transfusion and didn’t get to move until 28 hours after delivery so milk to ages to come in but we persevered – the night before ‘allowed’ to leave hospital i fed 14 times in 10hours……so very tired but still had to fend off a ‘helpful’ midwife who wanted to give my wee man a bottle to settle him – think she found it hard not being able to help! had several bouts of mastitis, lots of engorged boobs, blocked ducts and so on – my own midwife was wonderful, the ladies at my local family centre were so very lovely and my antenatal group really supportive. took almost 3 months til things settled down and now my little man is 13months and having 3 or 4 breast feeds a day!

  5. Me and my baby had no problems whatsoever, so it is possible. In my case the ease was contributed to by, I think, because I learned everything I could before she was born.

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