Leilani Rorani joins the National Breastfeeding Campaign

As Leilani Joyce, she wowed the squash world as world number one, two-time British Open champion and Commonwealth double gold medallist. As Leilani Rorani, with a young family, she experienced a whole new set of triumphs – and challenges – and one of those was breastfeeding. Leilani and Blair Rorani have three children – Joseph 6, Pearl 4 and Jasmine 2 – with a new baby due any day.

We are excited to announce that Leilani is lending her support to the National Breastfeeding Campaign – joining Sonia Gray as one of our celebrity advocates, who help to increase awareness of breastfeeding in the public arena.

As an introduction to her experiences, Leilani will be filming her thoughts on her breastfeeding journey – starting with her preparations for breastfeeding before her baby arrives:


2 thoughts on “Leilani Rorani joins the National Breastfeeding Campaign

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  2. Hi Leilani – any chance you could give us some advice on exercise and breastfeeding. I was doing triathlons before getting pregnant and would like to start training again soon. My son is 4 months old.

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