Welcome to our breastfeeding blog!

Kia ora koutou breastfeeding mums and supporters. It’s World Breastfeeding Week from 1st to 7th August 2010, and to celebrate the national breastfeeding campaign has launched this blog! We have such a fantastic group who have joined the Breastfeeding NZ community over on Facebook, that we wanted to create a blog so we could share more in depth breastfeeding stories, experiences, events and much more with you!

We plan to get real mums involved with the blog, telling their breastfeeding stories. We’ll also have some input from our breastfeeding celebrity advocates. We’d like to keep you up to date with new events in the national breastfeeding campaign. But most importantly, we want to know what YOU want to see on our blog, So, tell us what you want and you could win a prize!

Simply leave a comment in the comments section below, about what things would interest you and encourage you to keep reading our blog, and at the end of World Breastfeeding Week we will randomly select three people to win their choice of baby bodysuit or t-shirt from the designs below. Comments must be received by midnight on 7th August 2010 to be in with a chance to win! *

* ONE t-shirt OR bodysuit may be selected by each of the chosen winners. Each winner may select ONE design for their t-shirt or bodysuit. Please ensure you keep an eye on the blog to find out if you won, so we can get in touch with you! Winners must reside in New Zealand. By entering this prize draw, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


355 thoughts on “Welcome to our breastfeeding blog!

    • What a great idea for a blog….heard on the radio today that Hamilton were putting up signs in businesses that ‘Breastfeeding is welcome here’ I would like to know if it is possible to get these in other parts of the country as I would be happy to distribute around…

      • Hi Angelique, I got one of those stickers recently from Women’s Health Action. I’m sure if you contact them they’d send you a bunch πŸ™‚

    • Great stuff thanks for this initiative. I cant really think of anything that is needed right now. I know that so many people need encouragement when things are tough so this kind of support is great. Perhaps some additional information on Reynauds Syndronme? Perhaps some information to support mums who are returning to work. It can be done.

      • Hi Catherine and thanks for your comment. Yes we definately will be talking about breastfeeding while returning to work. In the meantime you may also want to watch the “Breastfeeding Naturally DVD” on the Ministry of Health Website here:
        If you view chapter 7 it features myself and another mum and how we have managed to continue breastfeeding. For the Reynaud Syndrome we will look into that and come back to you! Thanks for raising it – Marama.

    • hi all whar a graet blog very intresting …does any one know if there is anything happening in whakatane to support breastfeeding week???

  1. welcome to the blogging world!!
    Love the baby gear!
    Things that’d keep me coming back are articles on the benefits of bf-ing, things you can do to keep your milk supply right up, and tips and tricks πŸ˜‰ to bf-ing

  2. The ability for mums to each support each other, make comments and be able to ask questions without feeling judged, including bottle related questions (such as supplement feeding, topping up, bottles, how to clean etc).

    A store to help buy feeding related items and clothing, stickers etc.

    The ability to link sites like Breastmates for example.

  3. Great idea! I’ll love to see stories about those who are still breastfeeding through the night – my beautiful daughter is nearly 20 months old.

    • wow congrats Krista. i breast fed both my girls to 18months, had so many people tell me to give it up, your doing a great thing for your girl πŸ™‚

  4. I like reading real stories from real mums, So you know what people are going through and you can relate to them as you are or have been through the same thing.

    Also helpful tips for first time mums.

    Best I got was from my midwife to slow the flow lie back a little so little miss was drinking on a slight up hill.

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  6. I would like to be able to ask a lactation consultant (or other medically knowledgable person) questions via the blog – otherwise I just enjoy the support that we Mums can give each other and anything that helps that continue is great!

  7. Its hard when you don’t have friends who are breastfeeding their babies like me, because you cant really share experiences. Its great to have a place to go to read about how other mothers are experiancing breastfeeding in 2010. Hey you might get me on here talking about my biting baby Rhiannon!

    • Hi Alicia – if you haven’t already then I hope you send us your story! We will be putting them up as blog posts over the next few months. Marama.

  8. Sometimes well meaning friends and relatives love to tell you how to do things, but they may not suit you and your baby, so being able to read a variety of peoples experiences on a wide range of topics you can relate and get advice without that rather in your face but well meant pressure!
    Agree with links to helpful sites as well..
    Thank you for providing a supportive outlet for breast feeding mums!

  9. I agree with above – helpful tips for mums and a LC because its often so hard and embarassing asking for help. I just muddle thru rather than asking anyone whats wrong.

  10. Great idea to have a blog!!!

    I just love reading about other mums breastfeeding stories…. I especially love hearing about people breastfeeding past 12 months, breastfeeding while pregnant and tandem feeding! These will keep me coming back to read!

    My 15 month old son has just self weaned 4 days ago and I am 30 weeks pregnant with number 2, I must say I am at a loss as to what to do with myself and bitterly dissapointed that I wont be breastfeeding this breastfeeding week or tandem feeding like I had planned! Having stories on when breastfeeding ends would be nice too.. I was unprepared for how I would feel!

    • I am in the same position Melanie! I am 20 weeks preg and my 15 month old weaned himself a couple of weeks ago, I feel a wee bit sad about it when everyone else is saying “oh at least you get a break before bub comes”, I didnt really need a break and like you was all ready for tandem feeding, breast feeding has been a big part of our lives since day one and now I feel a bit like why doesnt he want me anymore!!! He is happy and healthy which is all that matters…but mums a bit lost at the moment.

  11. Stories about mums successfully combining breast-feeding with (*sob*) working full-time would bring me back. So would stories about all the sweet and funny things about breast-feeding.

  12. I love reading stories from other mums. As a first time mum its great to know your not alone, especially when lots of others around you are formula feeding.
    Would love to hear from tandem feeding mums and learn a bit more about that as we may go down that path if Charlotte doesnt wean by the time we have the next little addition to our family. Plus I find it interesting anyway.
    Lol Im a work geek and my work is now being a SAHM

  13. I love this! Its a fantastic idea, you guys are doing amazing work. I agree with Krista, im still bfing my 12 month old over night and often get ‘poor you’ from people! Would be nice to hear of others in the same situation πŸ™‚

    Keep up the great work β™₯

    • Ha! I’m still getting my 2.5 yr old wakening – if I’m still up I will do a quick feed and put him back in his bed, if I’m already asleep he just comes in with me. You do what’s right for you πŸ™‚

  14. It would be great to have advice for Mums whos boobs are bigger than average as it can be both embarassing and stressful to find advice face to face. Also great to read stories from other mums as it keeps you going when you are beginning to think I cant be bothered. I have fed for 9 months now and wouldnt have managed without reading blogs about breastfeeding to encourage me along.

  15. I like this blog already!!!
    I know I will find here more stories and support when I feel I have to start weaning my little boy because sometimes his dad wants us to stop. I need good arguments to keep on going and make him see it is OK! I would love to find more information and good advices about breastfeeding a toddler (1.7 years old).
    Cheers!I like this blog already!!!

  16. Great idea. As above, stories from other breastfeeding mums who have faced obstacles along the way are always good -it’s not always as easy as you expect is is going to be and it is great to be able to pick the brains of other mums who have been through or are dealing with BF’ing issues.
    Also, perhaps a list of personally recommended Lactation Consultants – I had to find one and it was really a stab in the dark when it came to choosing one.
    A support network for young BF’ing mums would also be good.

  17. I like this blog already!!!
    I know I will find here more stories and support when I feel I have to start weaning my little boy because sometimes his dad wants us to stop. I need good arguments to keep on going and make him see it is OK! I would love to find more information and good advices about breastfeeding a toddler (1.7 years old).

  18. Some articles about common issues with breastfeeding would be great. Things like hunger signs, problems such as thrush or jaundice interfering with breastfeeding, and some articles from new mums about their situations would be really helpful to read.

  19. Love the bodysuits! I’d keep coming back for ADVICE! Things like tips for expressing and storing milk, drinking alcohol and breastfeeding (I found lots of conflicting advice about that one), how to prevent repeated mastitis & thrush infections, nursing strikes, breastfeeding while pregnant, etc, etc.

  20. Brilliant idea! It would be great to have an “advice from the experts” section (lactation consultants etc), as well as the latest articles from around the world. Links to local (and international, such as the Australian Breastfeeding Association) support groups and pages, and an opportunity for Mums in the same area to meet up would be awesome too.

  21. Great blog idea.

    I think maybe some warning signs when BF that something isn’t right, IE mastitis, because I know and have heard of people overlooking the symptoms and things going pear shaped. Maybe a bit more about tandem feeding? I would have loved more information about that when feeding our twins (now two) but thankfully managed to make it to 10 months BF them πŸ™‚

  22. I’d love to hear from mums who are having problems with their milk supply, maintaining it, how they are dealing with it. What solutions they have come up with. Different obsticles they have faced and how they got through them. πŸ™‚

    Very cool body suits. You should sell them! πŸ™‚

  23. Again, I already love this blog. But something that would keep me interested would be stories and tips for breastfeeding toddlers, tandem nursing and nursing during pregnancy! P.s the body suits ROCK! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Kate – I do hope you have sent us your breastfeeding story? There is a blog post about asking ‘real mums’ to send us their stories up to 150 words. It would be great to have your story.

    • Hi Kate, funnily enough we are arranging for a company to produce and sell these bodysuits for people to buy. We’ll keep you all updated when we have something set up! Alex πŸ™‚

  24. i love reading about people with similar stories. Makes me feel like i’m not alone as can sometimes feel that way when there’s not as much bf support. Also sharing information that can help someone out there!

  25. i think everyone’s comments are spot on! as yet mr 5 months and I haven’t had any big problems bfing (touch wood!) but i’m interested in reading other people’s stories. problems faced and overcome etc. πŸ™‚

  26. I’d love to hear stories from other mum’s especially those feeding over one year olds, as I don’t have many friends with babies the same age (14 mths) still breastfeeding.
    Also, any funny stories about breastfeeding as well as ways others have overcome problems would be great.

  27. What a fantastic idea, I love being able to read about other mums breastfeeding experiences as I don’t know many other breastfeeding mums that I can talk to. I would like to find out more about expressing milk and continuing to breastfeed past one year.

  28. I think a general running commentary from breast feeding moms which offers encouragement, advice and support is so helpful for other moms, especially those who may be new to breast feeding. Also, I love sharing/reading anything amusing or insightful. And I SOOOOOOOO wnat one of those jumpsuits!

  29. Love the facebook page, great idea to have a blog too!
    I love seeing the pics of happy babies, and bf stories.
    I love reading about peoples bf journeys, especially when there have been problems to overcome. I agree it would be great to be able to ask Q’s to a LC.

  30. I’d be interested to know about experiences of mothers who wanted to go to work and continue breastfeeding and in particulary those who were able to breastfeed at work

  31. What an awesome idea! Will be great to have other mums to talk to that are going through the same things as me! Can’t wait to get started πŸ™‚

  32. Would love to see something to attract the attention of, and provide proactive support for pregnant women – before they encounter any problems and receive the inevitable well-meaning, but perhaps ill-informed advice…

  33. Congrats on the blog!! I love your page as its fantastic to have breastfeeding information, encouragement and support right there easy to access any time!
    Happy Breastfeeding Week everyone!! I might need to dig out my “I make milk – whats your superpower” t shirt!!!

  34. Love reading others experiences to see if I can relate to them….now feeding third baby who is 13 months old and loves being breastfed….would be interested in older breastfed children experiences….

  35. I would love to see information on the latest research on breastmilk, it’s benefits and attachment parenting. Other issues I would like to hear from mum’s in New Zealand would be similar to other comments, breastfeeding toddlers, at night, while pregnant, tandem feeding, delayed introduction of solids, breastfeeding premie babies.

  36. Hi I think this is a great place to be able to share stories about breastfeeding and get advice is well. Yes I think a professional is always good on the other end is well as Mothers about advice. Especially when you are a first time mum as sometimes if you are awake and go on facebook and see what people say. By the way love the suits awesome!!!!

  37. Stories about feeding older toddlers and young children (2.5 yrs and above) would be nice. Might help to normalise it a bit.

  38. Wonderful idea to have a blog. I am also interested in thoughts on people still breastfeeding overnight, my baby is 9months and is determined to have at least one feed a night!

  39. LOVE the baby outfits! Cant wait till they are able to be purchased!
    Looking forward to reading some BFing stories (both the not so easy stories as well as the easy ones) and maybe some tips and tricks for successful BFing?

  40. I’d love to see posts about the latest research about the benefits of breastfeeding, to keep me motivated when it all gets a bit much sometimes!

    Those bodysuits look awesome by the way πŸ™‚

  41. I think everyone answering a question with their own story is a great way to keep people both interested and motivated. Everyone has a different piece of advice in the ‘real’ world and quite often its not from experience, however online you always find people who have been in almost the exact same situation as yourself and so can bounce ideas of them and find out what worked and ofcourse what didn’t.

  42. Hi, it is just so great to hear other mothers stories and knowing that your not the only one going through it! also being able to ask questions and get such good supportive feedback!!

  43. He whakaaro tino pai te korero penei:-) I agree, the bodysuit/t-shirt look great. I was wondering if there had been any thought to making the ‘captions/logos’ bilingual in English and Maori?

    • Tena koe Erana – thanks for your suggestion! We will certainly take the opportunity to use te reo in our social networking. I can’t confirm what the bodysuit plans are but I will certainly put your whakaaro forward.
      Mihi mahana

  44. As a new mum to a beautiful baby girl, I would like to hear other parents experience with breastfeeding so I know what to expect as they grow πŸ™‚

  45. He pai ki te whakawhitiwhiti korero penei:-) I love the bodysuit/t-shirt too! Will there be bilingual (English/Maori) versions coming out?

  46. I love everything to do with babies and breastfeeding. This blog is awesome already. I love your site for babies things and the breastfeeding clothes are great. Keep all comments coming I love reading them πŸ™‚

  47. Awesome idea, I love the facebook page so somewhere else i can go to read others stories and how they overcame issues that arise with bf. Being able to ask a LC would be a great idea, its not always easy to be on the phone or make appointments.
    The jumpsuits are awesome!!! A logo on an adult tshirt????

  48. Fantastic blog.

    Interesting to see so many people wanting to know about tandem feeding. I am currently reading ‘Adventures in Tandem Nursing’ as I am contemplating tandem feeding my second and soon to be third child. Haven’t found a huge amount of people that have tandem fed so good to see that there is interest out there πŸ™‚ Would love to see some personal stories from breastfeeding families, especially regarding tandem feeding.

  49. yay! love all this, love being able to share my experiences with others, and love the feel of how we can all give advice and help others, also how we can ask a question and get help from so many wonderful helpful fellow breastfeeders! great to know theres so many around even if we dont see it day to day, such a wonderful site!
    Thanks so much for being here for us all πŸ™‚

  50. Awesome idea. I just love the bond that I have with my 5 month old son through breastfeeding. When I was pregnant I thought it would be something I would only want to do till he was 6 months old but now I want to carry on as long as I can! Its funny how you have all these ideas about what its going to be like when you are pregnant and then when you have the baby everything changes.

    I would be intersted to know about what happens when you do eventually stop in regards to milk supply etc. and how babies wean themselves and how you know they are doing so.

  51. This is a fantastic idea!

    I would love to hear stories about Mum’s who feed well into the toddler years, especially as to how others have coped with feeling judged.

  52. I just love being part of a group that celebrates breastfeeding and how important it is for our society.
    I love feeling that I’m not alone when I am still breastfeeding a 2.5 yr old – and that it’s ok to continue as long as he and I want to πŸ™‚

  53. Yay for you guys – this will be great!

    I’d love to see some info on the benefits of extended breastfeeding. My third child is coming up 20 months and I’m beginning to get the raised eyebrows and questions of when I’m planning to wean. Actually I’m not planning on doing so anytime soon and I find it very interesting that while breastfeeding is becoming more accepted in general people still feel uncomfortable with the idea of older babies nursing.

    • I hear you! My boy is nearly 2.5 but little so isn’t noticed so much. He’s got no intention of finishing yet but know that comments will start the closer we get to 3. Sad isn’t it. You hand in there! πŸ™‚

  54. Love the outfits would love to buy one !!
    My baby loves titty milk lol
    Would definately read your blog with stories from
    mum to mum how kool, also a fan of bilingual (English/Maori) versions of the tops..?

  55. Love the outfits would love to buy one !!
    My baby loves titty milk lol
    Would definately read your blog with stories from
    mum to mum how kool, also a fan of bilingual (English/Maori) versions of the tops..?


  56. Love the singlets!!! I love the facebook page, I enjoy reading about other peoples experiences and sharing my own. I have completed a course as a breastfeeding mentor, and would love to train to run childbirth education classes. Keep up the great work.

  57. i think it would be good to read more about breastfeeding an older baby, how many times the average 1year old (and other ages) is feeding etc,
    and some links to awesome websites!!
    : )

  58. What an amazing blog!!
    I’m currently going through a nursing strike with my 3 month old daughter, and the support from other breastfeeding mums has been invaluable. I am determined not to give up on the beautiful experience of feeding my baby girl, even when it gets hard. My Jodie will get the best start in life I can give her, and that can only come from mummy’s milk!
    Yay all the bf mums unite lol xxxxx

  59. I have really enjoyed all the feedback and get a real sense of pride that my older children have grown seeing that breastfeeding is a natural part of caring for a baby. Great to see articles that show the long term positive effects on the whole whanau.

  60. I totally love the outfits! Well for one I would love to win one just to simply show it off and respresent breastfeeding as a whole, as I think breastfeeding is just the best for baby. I would like to be able to ask lactation consultants questions as well and also find out where to buy breastfeeding tops that aren’t pricey as πŸ™‚

  61. I totally love the outfits! Well for one I would love to win one just to simply show it off and represent breastfeeding as a whole, as I think breastfeeding is just the best for baby. I would like to be able to ask lactation consultants questions as well and also find out where to buy breastfeeding tops that aren’t pricey as πŸ™‚

  62. anything that makes B/f info more accessable to everyone is a good thing …. i like the idea about telling your own story and the lessons learned from that .. i also liked the compitition that was held where you took pictures of places you were breastfeeding .. i loved seeing what other women were doing πŸ™‚

  63. I enjoy the feeling of a community of like minded people, very few of my friends breastfed and of those that did i am the only one who fed for 2 1/2 years with my first and 13mths and counting with my second. It makes a huge difference to know that it is normal and acceptable for other people to. There is so much pressure to stop yet there is no good reason behind it, but there are many benefits to continue till 2.

    • I have no plans on stopping feeding before my girl is 2, and yet when I tell people they seem horrified!! The thing most people will say is ‘but she might remember it’. I’m thinking errrr…. so? The chances are she wont, but I dont understand why that would be bad. It’s such a beautiful thing to do!

  64. I think what I want to see has been covered by others really. Stories from mums can help to inspire and encourage those having a rough time. Having an LC on-board would be awesome for those who need/want a bit more help. Info on all the issues of breastfeeding including those mentioned above and others such as biting, inverted nipples, dealing with judgement delicately and boosting supply. I know that without the support of many people I wouldn’t still be breastfeeding!

  65. Things that’d keep me returning to read are articles on the benefits of breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding, things you can do to keep your milk supply right up, and tips for older babies with teeth!! πŸ™‚

  66. I had a group of friends around me breastfeeding their babies until about 9-10 months. Then all of a sudden everyone else stopped. I felt quite isolated at that stage and “went underground” not feeding in public, not talking about breastfeeding unless it was with close friends and family who I felt wouldn’t judge me. It was through the internet that I realised that I was not alone and that many other mums were still breastfeeding their toddlers. I hope this blog can offer support to breastfeeding mothers no matter what their issue is: lack of supply; lack of support; extended breastfeeding; cracked nipples; mastitis etc… I am glad that I kept going as it was the best thing I could do for my daughter and I would like to thank my hubby for the great support.

    • So sorry that that happened to you Jules! YAY for a great hubby & yay for you and your daughter that you kept going-it sux to feel isolated like that. With my first child my inlaws and grandparent tried to make me give up around then, but I’m glad i didn’t. I LOVE breastfeeding and hope to feed my current child until she is a toddler too πŸ™‚

  67. A section on problems you can get breastfeeding and helpful tips, also symptoms for things like thrust/mastitis.

    Looking forward to reading this.

  68. Would like to read about problems other mums have with breastfeeding and how they cope with them (increasing milks supply etc).

  69. Anything regarding fertility and bf… does it help/hinder?
    Also places that locals recommend to bf in without hassle (there should be fines for those who hassle us!!)

    Keep up the good work!

    • I like the idea of highlighting local businesses who either promote or hinder breastfeeding in their establishments!!

  70. Love the new blog!! I look forward to seeing how all of the ideas that everyone has left, come about. Some really good suggestions!!

    Will the bodysuits and/or t-shirts be available to non-competition winners?? I think that I need to add a couple to my baby’s wardrobe!

    Keep up the good work!

  71. gr8 to c a blog on breastfeeding, i would like to hear from other mums who are still feeding at nite, i have a nearly one year old and feeding quite regularly, he has been a bit unwell lately so have upped the feeds. I am glad to be able to breasfeed, my first baby (8yrs ago!) had trouble latching on and i had to express at first but i am glad i perservered and feed him up to 17mths.

  72. I would love to see tips on how to get going in the early days, plus stories from mum who have been successful and what they did, but also from other mums who really struggled.

  73. I am still breastfeeding my 7mth son, and really enjoying it (and so is he!). Good to read the blog. I’d love to read more about how breastfeeding needs change as the bub gets older and weaning issues, specially during the night. Cheers

  74. What would keep me interested in this blog would be things such as;

    *”straight-to-the-point” topics and answers in regards to b/feeding for new mums such as myself.
    *Great tricks,tips,techniques to b/feeding for new mums.
    *Suggestions from those mothers who have “been there done that”
    *Support Forums

    All of the above, as I have attended get-to-gethers such as coffee groups etc but still feel that I am not confident as such with b/feeding my child to this day. I find more help with online forums and find more info reading your blog.

  75. Thank you for running this site. It has been a huge support to me during difficult times when my prem bubba decided he didn’t want to feed anymore! With your help I managed to get him feeding again and I’ve been able to give him the best start to his life! Love the designs! Very cool – will be great to have them out there in the community.

    Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  76. I will be following this blog in Google Reader. My first baby is due in 1 week and I am keen to hear real-life stories of mum’s breastfeeding and pick up some tips and hints.

  77. Thanks for opening this blog, I am a follower on Facebook and think its great to be able to go to an area and read other mums experiences. When your a first time mum you have no idea what to expect, especially how to get through the tough times involved with breastfeeding. We have ALL been there and I doubt i’ll be alone in saying that we are all here for eachother to get through and share our problems and accomplishments! XOX Stace & Shyla (14 1/2 months)

  78. This site is wonderful. its great reading about others difficulties and good times with breast feeding. My wee girl Katie is one this Sunday coming, and I have loved it. Breast feeding I feel gave us a wonderful bond and thanks to this site when times were tough someone was there for advice etc!!! Keep up the fab work

  79. Ka rawe – awesome! Wish this was here when my first ‘experiment’ was born 16 years ago! Have trialled a few more chemistry ouputs since then and the BF support is sooo much better now. Plus Im just having a korero for the sake of a korero so I can go in the draw for a prize haha!

  80. I think this is a great idea. I breastfed my son till he was just over one (when he gave up), and am due in 8 weeks with my second, who I plan to breastfeed till he/she is ready to give up.

  81. I love your page on facebook!! Has helped me answer more than one question about what is “normal” for my baby.. even though she is number 2!! Its great seeing all the stories and beautiful photos of bubbas doing something so natural in all sorts of wonderful places!
    Will the bodysuits and/or t-shirts be available to non-competition winners?? They are fantastic and I would love one for my girl!!
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  82. My baby boy was born on New Years Day – 19 days early. I stayed in hospital 3 nights to make sure I had the hang of breast feeding. While I was pregnant I always said I would breast feed but if it wasn’t going to work out that way I wasn’t too worried and was open to bottle feeding if need be. I really think my causal attitude helped and we have been going strong for 7 months now.
    I also thought by 9 months I would have weaned him off the breast – however I have now had a change of heart for many reasons – free, easy and good for him!!!
    So I plan to keep going until he is one. I am lucky that I have a year off work, so by the time I go back to work if he is still having one feed at night its not going to matter.

  83. I love what you are doing on facebook. As a first time mum (bubs has just gone 5weeks) you guys have been a godsend via facebook and have helped me hugely. I love getting on there everyday to see what is on your page. This si also a great idea and I will def. be following this also.

  84. great to see another idea up-and-running to support and encourage breastfeeding in NZ πŸ™‚ I love reading others’ experiences and thoughts. Would love a bodysuit too πŸ™‚

  85. Thank you NZ Brest feeding!!! I loooove you FaceBook page and the support and encouragement you provide to Mothers giving their babies the best start in life! It’s great to know there are so many other mothers out there who a ‘Wahine Toa’ advocates of nurturing their baby the way nature intended, not the multinational formula corporations!

  86. It’s just lovely to have a place to be able to read & share information..it has certainly helped me realise i am not alone in my day to day challenges & experiences.

  87. I think is so brilliant to be able to see how other mums are dealing with things and to get advice from likeminded people.
    I love the commraderie of it
    Thanks to everybody involved
    Breast is definitely best!!

  88. cool baby-shirts!
    great to have support for b-feeding mamas and for the new mums to get advice and to know theyr’e not the only ones going through those tough first weeks.

  89. Hey! I am really enjoying the facebook page and think a blog is a great idea, its just great to be able to reach out to other mums that have the same stories and trials etc. I am breastfeeding baby 2 now, he is almost 6mths and am loving it, i fed my gorgous girl until she was 2 1/2 yrs, i had quite a few issues early on and would have really loved access to a blog like this at the time! Perserverence really paid off for me!

  90. I would like sectioned areas to discuss products for bubs…. maybe like a nappy link. Where you could read other mums tips. Somewhere that unbiased opinions could be shared.

  91. Awesome idea to have both this blog and your facebook page!!! I have 3 children ages 11, 9 and 15months. With my older two there was very little support for breastfeeding mums even tho most people were still pro BF. It was almost like you were simply “expected” to BF but I found there was very little encouragement or anywhere to go for support. Times have changed and with my youngest, the experience has been so much more positive!!!

  92. To be honest I have found breastfeeding a real mixed bag. On the one hand its been convienient and has done wonders for baby’s immunity, but the other I have struggled to produce enough milk. Got diagonsed with failure to thrive and I wish there’d been more proactive support to help us with this. If I had ever got my baby to take a bottle, I’m not sure we’d still be doing it one year on. That said she shows no sign of wanting to give up. I’d like the following advice:
    -how to much a baby actually needs at certain ages, especially toddlers, I know lots of mum’s feed heaps at this age, but many say they do it for comfort and bonding, which is great but I need to know what is the bare minimum. There is little support for Mums on toddler diet needs in this country and something that heaps of people struggle with. This would give me some piece of mind.
    -weaning- much of the breastfeeding literature that I seem to come across is on the extending feeding, tandem feeding side of things, which again is great if that’s your plan but as an older mother I struggle to produce milk. I’d like to have another baby and the effort of growing a baby will make it tricky to feed the toddler. Some pratical weaning tips would be great.
    On a positve note I’m proud that I have feed baby for so long. I do look forward to the day when she’s grow up enough not to need it, but yes even dispite my struggles i’d miss it a bit too.

  93. Congrats on the blog! It’s awesome having all this support out there. Maybe some links for local coffee groups would be good. It’s always nice to meet other BFing mums πŸ™‚

  94. Love reading your posts on the Facebook page, I find them so informative and love hearing others peoples experiences, especially ones where they have had a hard time also breastfeeding but have continued still. I cant wait to have this bub to breast feed again!! keep up the good work:)

  95. I have been on the weaning wagon for a little while (about 3 months) and down too just a morning feed (or three, when my boy keeps saying “other side?” in a sweet little voice) I am so grateful that I still have a milk supply, especially now that we have a vomiting bug in the house, the only thing that has helped (and stayed down) has been breastmilk. πŸ™‚ Man our bodies were made to work well!

  96. Great idea for new breastfeeding Mums to get as much good information as possible and to be able to hear what other Mums are dealing with.

  97. Yippee to more info on breastfeeding. If only it could be a mandatory read for pregnant mum’s. I’m sure if more women realised how much support there actually is out there in not only the cyber-world, but the real world as well, that we could have even better breastfeeding rates.

    Love, love, love the body suits. I made a t-shirt for my oldest (that all three have subsequently worn) that says ” I love Mummy’s milk, not milk from just any old cow!”

    • I love that!! Hilarious. I was once made the comment to that its not “natural” to b/feed your baby once they are a year old…and bottle feeding them is????

      • Hi Justine, keep an eye out for a blog coming up about breastfeeding older babies and toddlers. Basically the Ministry of Health recommends that children continue BFing to at least the age of 2 years old if possible. But the main thing is that mum and baby decide when to stop, and are not pressured to just because of social stigma. Marama.

  98. I think that its brilliant that Breastfeeding is celebrated in New Zealand. It is the best food for baby and you should feel proud to be a breastfeeding Mummy!!! I’m glad that more public places are becoming more inviting for woman to feed their babies – babies are people too πŸ™‚

  99. I think this website is fantastic, loads of tips, ideas and great stories that can only encourage a mum to continue feeding her baby the way ‘Mother Nature’ intended!!!:)

  100. I think this blog is a great idea to be able to see what others are experiencing. and get the information and help you may need to successfully breastfeed.

  101. What a great site. Will be an active reader from now on!! I have loved b/feeding all four of my kids and will be sad when my 9mth old is eventually weaned. Was thinking the other day that I have fed all of my kids for 18mths so by time I’m finished that’s 6 years of feeding..something to be proud of I think.

  102. great idea, so hapy about anything supproting breastfeeding, greatest gift you can give your child! My son is 5mths old and got real bad refluks, making it real bad fight every time feeding comes, would like some tips on how to make him realise its not gunna hurt when he drinks now that he is on proper meds. also tips on feeding in public would be aewsome

  103. Love the bodysuits they are so cute!
    My girl and I got off to a rough start with breastfeeding, a week in hospital, but we perservered and it was the second best reward I received when we got it sorted (the first being the gift of my princess!).
    It is such a special time between her and I, which I love.

  104. Breastfeeding creates bonding for u and the child, it is totally different from bottle feeding. well, God creates woman to give breastmilk to our babies, could we not treasure this gift?

  105. LOVE the facebook page and the way that it allows us to interact. Really looking forward to reading the blog – would love to continue hearing others stories and also hints/tips like what has been on the facebook page.

  106. its great to see more people putting the word out there that breastfeeding is natural and very good for baby. there were many times when i was feeding my son at 13 months that people would give me looks of disapproval. Breasts are there to feed children. the only reason people get offended by public breastfeeding is because there is so much sexual connitation put on breasts. when my children have their own kids i hope that my daughter will be able to breastfeed where ever and whenever she pleases without bad looks or comments from people.

  107. What cute rompers!!
    I want to feed bubs milk till she is two but not sure if I want to breastfeed past 1yr, would expressing work? how does the milk dry out? has anyone done this? Also, when bubs is ready for solids, how do you combine the two, before solids, after solids? what works, doesnt work, ideas etc… haha I have so many questions and things I would love to read about
    great blog!

  108. Great work with the site, and happy world breastfeeding week! I’m not a mum (yet) but I think breastfeeding is wonderful. I would be interested in info too for people who would really love to breastfeed but find they can’t – it must be really hard if you’ve always intended to breasfeed and it just doesn’t work. Hope you’ll be able to provide support and advice for these mums too.

    Kia kaha.

  109. This is a great place for mums, mums-to-be, grandparents, partners and other supporters to come and find out information. Getting information to the mums-to-be about some of the challenges of starting out with breastfeeding might be helpful. With each of my three I had a really hard time getting latching sorted out and more advice about where to go for first-timers would be good.
    Kia kaha.

  110. Love the blog and the bodysuits and t-shirts are absolutely gorgeous. I am still breastfeeding my almost 16 month old and it is fantastic to have a place to go to talk about it!

  111. I love your site! I had problems at first, but am now bf-ing exclusively and love every feed! I would love to share my story and read other mums’ stories! when you are selling the body suits, i will buy one! what a great idea! πŸ™‚

  112. The most difficult thing I found with BF was getting started while in Birthcare – every 8 hours the midwife would change and I’d have a whole ‘nother set of advice. I found it very confusing and it really undermined my confidence. I’d like to see a list of all the tips & tricks & old wives tales, with maybe comments from a lactation consultant as to how useful they really are! My son is exclusively BF at 4 months and thriving πŸ™‚

  113. This is such a great idea for mum’s to get info on all parts of the breastfeeding journey… A lot of mum’s probably find it quite hard or scary to get to groups or ring people if having issues so will be wonderful for them to be able to find some helpful advice in here

  114. Hey there, my first time blogging. I’m breast feeding my 10 month old girl and its such a wonderful experience πŸ™‚

  115. Not only is this blog and facebook page a great idea for breastfeeding mums but woman whom are about to became mothers. I belive there is not enough positive information about breastfeeding out there, a few people i know that have had children over the past 2 years never ever considered breastfeeding as there mother/sister/aunties never did. While talking to a few of them they had no idea all the benefits our baby recieves all they see it is as a burden and less time for yourself. I think being able to see what other womans views are on how to handle situations and also stories about when you first breastfeed you child (as some babies dont take to this naturally and can be a struggle) could really help woman who arnt in the know. A friend of mine whom is very social, bottle and breastfeeds (breast milk) so Dad gets a go and mum can have a bit of time out. I think alot of woman think that if you breastfeed there is no other option but breastfeeding which can be a real put off to some woman.
    When i first breastfeed my daughter (who is now 8yr) i thought it was easy till i learnt she wasnt latching right and my nipples got severly damaged, i went through 2 months of agony before i could enjoy feeding. I was never taught how to feed or what to expect. When i first started feeding my son (8 months) even though i knew what to do he didnt, so there was a struggle there but it was a short period of time and now its the most natural convienent process. Does anyone else have stories of there experiance or even struggles with first time breastfeeding that they could share with woman whom may be interested but not sure what to expect?

  116. Breast definatley is best. My daughter is now 11 weeks old and i plan to breastfeed her untill shes 2! My son weaned himself at 11 months 😦

  117. i cant wait to breast feed my growing baby at the moment, i think it gives the best start to life and i couldnt want anything else, Going to give it my all!!!!

  118. love this idea its awsome!!! i am a full time mum of five under six and breastfeeding my youngest she is 11 weeks. I thought when I’d get of hospital i’d give up because of being busy with the other children but no, i am still breastfeeding and her brothers and sisters understand that and her and i are doing real well. Keep up breastfeeding mums!!!!! I tautoko mums who breastfeed!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Good to know that we already got the breastfeeding blog, so that we can read a lot of stories from different mums point of view and actual experiences. Especially the first time mum just like me. Because there are a lot of times before that I have questions re breastfeeding but need to wait for the plunket working hours. But anyway thats all sorted out. Hope that in the near future that we organize a reunion by nationality, by suburb then by city. Wow that sounds exciting. Even by just thinking of that I am already excited. Or even online chat which is more ideal for now…

    Breastfeeding baby is always a happy baby….

  120. Great idea to help with breastfeeding issues.I have a 16wk old fully breastfed baby and so far there have been no problems.Look forward to reading more comments on others experiences.

  121. Hi all, I think it is fab to have a blog here as I love reading other mums stories. I am a first time mum of a 4month girl who was born 5 weeks early so I like to read other mums stories so I can help my little one if anything pops up that I cant seem to fix. Cheers πŸ™‚

  122. Hey! Absolutely anything breastfeeding related! Tips, stories, news articles…

    Love hearing other peoples experiences!

    Good work BFNZ! ❀ Yaz!

  123. I love to hear from other mums going through same boat as me, coping with food allergies and reflux/GORD as well as asthma and eczema.
    To share the experiences/advices/tips on how to cope with it while still BF πŸ™‚
    Keep up with good work, mamas!

  124. Love the body suits! Will be keen to buy if they become available for sale!
    YAY for the blog, anything to help Mums with BF can only be a fantastic thing πŸ™‚

  125. What gorgeous little outfits!! Would love one for my little NICU graduate πŸ™‚ He was tube fed for the first little while then latched onto the breast like a pro – LOVE breast feeding him xx

  126. What a great idea! Love the bodysuits! I enjoy being apart of such a wonderful group that support eachother. I breastfed both my girls and stopped about a month ago! I find it so interesting to hear other peoples experiences and give advice/support where I can. Great work!

  127. I love that there are so many people out there that are still breastfeeding! I was disappointed to hear so many of my birth class gave up and went bottle feeding or mixed feeding! I would love to hear how to take away some of the myths about how bottle feeding will “get you a better nights sleep” or is easier than breast feeding when you go back to work.
    *loves* breastfeeding is best!

  128. Would love to see more information for breastfeeding after six months. Like how often baby really needs feeding so that I can start to get out and about more. I.e. currently I fly to Auckland once a month for a day for a meeting, working well with expressing and someone else feeding from a bottle but for onging outings without baby what are the minimum number of feeds required if they are well established on solids and water. Intention was to skip formula and wean once she was on cows milk.

  129. I love breastfeeding. I’m currently breastfeeding my 5 week old girl. We’ve had our problems/challenges with latching as she is tongue tied. But we persevered and now love the bonding experience. There’s nothing like having a baby staring up at you with their big beautiful eyes while suckling. I love love love it!!!!
    I’m enjoying reading everyone elses comments/ experiences. This site is great!

  130. Great shirts
    breastfeeding is hard work…but well worth it. having messages like this and the posters etc certainly helps me feel my decision to BF is supported by the community… and I can ignore the odd frown from a passer-by

  131. Great blog! I think it’s really important to make breastfeeding the natural & obvious choice. Too many people see breasfeeding (especially extended breastfeeding) as a bit strange & just too hard. I think we need to portray breastfeeding as the easier & far better choice. Yay for breastfeeding mums!

  132. This is awesome. Thigns that would keep me coing back is regular articles on the pros of breastfeeding etc πŸ™‚

  133. I’ve found the facebook page really useful :o) It’s great to read about other mums experiances with breastfeeding! Good to know that we weren’t alone in the troubles we had to start!

  134. Awesome idea to have a blog!!!! I would like to see more support for mums who breastfeed in public!!! I breastfeed in public and some people are just rude!!! I got told to take my son into the toilet to feed him and I nicely told the lady that if she was not going to eat her food in the toilet, I was not going to give my son his kai in there either!! So to all you mums who are breastfeeding whether it be in public places or at home, Kia Kaha and keep up the awesome work!!!!

  135. I love both tops πŸ™‚ and I love breastfeeding. On to bubs #3 now and he is doing AMAZING. Born 4 weeks early and weighing 6lb, he is 3 weeks now and weighs 9lb 8oz and its all thanks to booby juice πŸ™‚

  136. i recently completed a pcp (peer counsellor programme) for breastfeeding to help other mums with questions they had. very passionate about it. i fed my oldest son til he was 11mths but he weaned himself as i fell pregnant again. i fed my second baby until he passed away from cotdeath, he was 11 and a half weeks and i am still feeding my 3rd son who is now almost 14mths. i enjoy the time and bonding i get to have with my youngest and it feels good to know he needs me. wil continue to breastfeed as long as he wants to!

  137. I have happily breast fed my 4 babies and love reading other real life stories about the challenges and happiness breastfeeding has brought them

  138. I’d like more information about breastfeeding – e.g. how often you can expect to have to feed babies at different ages if they are exclusively breastfed, scientific information on how the milk is produced (is it stored in the breasts, or is it produced continuously, I’ve heard both), does it matter what you eat (i.e. do flavours go into the milk), common problems that people encounter and how to solve them – i.e. how to feed those ‘refluxy’ babies that just scream and won’t eat, and lose weight, can that be done or do they have to go on the bottle, etc. The Australian Breastfeeding Association has a great newsletter, and I guess I’d like something along those lines.

  139. I have breastfed my two children and encourage all new mum’s to give it a go! Love the tops/bodysuits. Enjoy ‘breastfeeding’ week everyone and get behind promoting it!

  140. BFing my 4th daughter, still going strong at 6 months. Love the idea of a blog for sharing tips, experiences etc

  141. Any extra support or information breastfeeding mums can get is a great thing! I had such a rough time feeding my daughter at 1st and am so pleased that I kept it up and fed for 18 months! Am due any time now with my 2nd and am excited to start breastfeeding again πŸ™‚

  142. I β™₯ breastfeeding πŸ™‚ I breastfed my eldest son til he was 2 and am planning to do the same with my youngest (currently 9 months)

  143. All three of my boys were breastfed exclusively. No matter what barriers were put in our way I was never gonna let anything stop me. My youngest is almost 8 months old and I intend on Breastfeeding him until hes one then letting him dictate the weaning process. Looking forward to being a part of the big latch on this friday, I am a coordinator for a venue in Waikanae on the Kapiti coast (The Olive Grove Cafe)

  144. I breastfed my daughter for 13 months and support as many people as i can! It was not easy for me at the start, but i was lucky to have such a great support system! Love the tops!

  145. Currently pregnant with number 1, any helpful tips and tricks for a new Mum would be really good. Looking fowards to BF, such a natural thing to do.

  146. I love reading about different ways partners and family can support mums in their quest to breastfeed their babies and i think its a great way to help get fathers involved too.

  147. I’m expecting baby number 2 in October so will definitely be checking in on here for reminders and tips about breastfeeding. My 18 month old son breastfed until he was 13 months but selfweaned so i’m very much looking forward to breastfeeding again….and fingers crossed it will go more smoothly than last time πŸ™‚
    It would be great to have some professional help to access on here, and I look forward to reading other people’s stories.
    Thanks for setting this up πŸ™‚

  148. What a great idea. Love the logos on the t-shirt & body suit. I breastfed baby No.1 & have No.2 on the way. I found it tough in the beginning & suffered thru an infection for a while, not realising what it was. Once thru that, really enjoyed BF. This time round I want to try to become more comfortable feeding in public & would like to hear other peoples opinions on this.

  149. I like positive messages about breastfeeding, also the benefits of extended breastfeeding. I hope that first time Mum’s can be supported to breastfeed. As while breastfeeding is Natural learning to breastfeed can feel anything but Natural in those first few days.

  150. Love the idea of a blog!
    I’d like to have an article on dispelling common breastfeeding myths. You know, the old chestnuts that keep getting used by well meaning (or not so well meaning) people – big babies need formula topups, you need to drink milk to make milk, formula fed babies sleep better etc etc.

  151. We really struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning and I ended up expressing all my daughter’s milk for the first 9 weeks as I felt so strongly that the benefits to her by far outweighed the hassle for me. We’re now exclusively breastfeeding from the breast at 16 weeks and she latches on like a pro! I’m so grateful that we persisted as I would have really missed out on an amazing experience. It annoys me that there should have to be breastfeeding-friendly places – everywhere should be breastfeeding friendly!

  152. I wish I had known more before having my baby! But after nearly giving up before 6 weeks (3 * mastitis, cracked and bleeding nipples, raynaud’s in nipples) we are still going strong at 16 months and loving it. Would like to know more about feeding a toddler, but find the info on facebook great to read through, and feel that if more people were aware of what issues some people face, thay may not give up so quick. Going to be at our second Big Latch On this year πŸ™‚

  153. I love to celebrate Breastfeeding week. I hard 2 hard starts with my boys and breastfeeding but survived and am happily tandem feeding my now 31/2 and 2yr olds. I’d love to see more info about tandem feeding and feeding older children.

  154. Would love to write my story as a blog entry at some stage.
    Have survived PND and successfully BFd three boys to past a year … youngest is still feeding at 14mos …

  155. Great blog and I would def come back just to read more about BF especially stories from other mums and their battles (had Thrush already twice and again at the moment). My son is 4 month old and fully breastfed and I so love it he started now to pull off just to look at me and give me a really big smile :D.

  156. I am currently breastfeeding baby number two and loving the fact I can give my baby everything she needs and it doesn’t cost me anything and is completely natural. She is nearly 4 months old and thriving. I am so glad I found this group on Facebook as it has really helps knowing there are other women going through what I am on a daily basis. Really looking forward to the Big Latch on as I wasn’t confident enough to participant last time I was breastfeeding but I am this time!!

  157. What a fantastic blog πŸ™‚

    As a first time Mum with an 11 week old son I didn’t want anything other than to breastfeed him – I was so very lucky to get a baby who knew what to do and has made breastfeeding so easy – I’ve been fortunate enough to not get the dry cracked nipples etc that so many new mums have to suffer through.

    I just wish that society adhered better to breastfeeding as I still find myself getting given filthy looks for breastfeeding in public.

  158. i think the clothes are brilliant! they should be sold in shops!
    i think i would keep coming back if there was info about how to keep supply right up and also info about what foods give babies the ‘best’ milk.
    ohhh and one thing i think should be place around shopping centres and shops are signs that say breastfeeding is natural and that it’s welcome here. i breastfeed anywhere suitable when my daughter is demanding it.. and the looks i get are digusting!

  159. It would be great to have discussions about problems people have had with breastfeeding and how they have overcome them. I really enjoy being part of the FaceBook discussions – I already get a lot from that πŸ™‚

  160. What a great idea and love the logo on bodysuit!

    I really struggled with breastfeeding in the beginning and my first baby’s suck wasn’t very good at first time so i tried everything i could. It was so sore and painful and need lots of patience and wanted to give up so many times but finally i found the way and survived and he had for 15 months. My secound baby is alot easier and i enjoy breastfeeding now.

    I interested to read the real story and share how other people done their breastfeeding.
    Good work everyone!! :))))))

  161. Awesome!! I have two girls, the eldest is 8 and Levi is 4 months. Id come back for tip and ideas, When Levi as born she was a wind hogger nd was up every two hours, so tips on winding babies would be a great help!!!

  162. Love the body suits.

    What a great website for mums who breastfeed or are about to. What about having products up on your website that they can have a look at and it goes to the retailers website to buy. Products relating to breastfeedsing such as nipple creams, breast pads, burping cloths, bras, clothing, breast pumps and accessories. Also a demo video of how to latch your baby on and off, and demo of the different holds with and without a pillow too.

    What about info for all the medical complications with breastfeeding such as thrush, mastitis to name a few so that mums can match their symptoms and get the necessary advice etc. Maybe also to list contacts for lactation consultants, karitane nurse and midwives who see women post birth. Also contacts for hiring of breast pumps etc too.

  163. I’m looking forward to reading lots of breastfeeding stories both positive and negative.

    Love the clothes too they are cute!

  164. mum in waiting….. 32 weeks pregnant today its so great to see that people are so supportive of breastfeeding and there is so much help out there will know all about it soon enough!! πŸ™‚

  165. LOVE the designs and the blog – what a great way to support each other.

    I feel incredibly lucky that my body has enabled me to BF my 12 week old son, especially as we have had very few problems along the way. I love everything about BFing – the cost, convenience, health benefits, bonding.. it continues to amaze me.

    I am thankful that I haven’t encountered much resistance to feeding in public, admittedly my opinion is he’s hungry, therefore I feed – if youhave a problem with it, don’t watch. We don’t watch strangers eat as a rule so why is it any different when they’re little people?

  166. Breastfeeding is great but boy o boy can it sometimes be hard work! Id love to see more ways of breastfeeding, and ideas for making it easy to continue breastfeeding when babies get bigger. I BF dear son until he was 17 months but sadly cant see it continuing this long – just as its nice sometimes to be able to be the one not feeding bubs when you have a busy life happening around you.

  167. I really love your Facebook page, gives me lots of ‘food’ for thought about comments and contributions. Keep up the great work.

  168. I think more understanding education is needed around breastfeeding. Peopel seem to have a black & white opinion on it, but I think it is shades of grey… I breastfeed in public, but I was as descrete as possible so as not to offend others, Although I feel it is appropriate, some people find it uncomfortable to be around so I tried not to impose myself on others. I never had any issues with this.

    Also, if you can’t breast feed you need to be just as supported and recognised. sometimes it is not a choice. As long as you are doign what feels right and fits with you and your child it is okay.. as long as the child is cared for and the mother is supported.

  169. Great idea for a blog, I would like to see information about feeding easily distracted babies. My wee girl is now 7 months and will pull off all the time to check out something else that she thinks is more interesting.

  170. I really struggled with breastfeeding for both my babies – my youngest is now almost 5 months old and I still breastfeed even though I also have to give formula top ups. I would love to have found others who were in the same situation as me

  171. I love this site! I think its amazing the support you can get off an web site. I think it would be great if this page could maybe facilitate support groups in different regions so if someone needs someone to talk to about their b/f issues, or maybe even just someone to pop around to encourage a new mum in those first trying week. There could be a database set up for diff communities and we could contact/visit each other to help out. We all know that sometimes our midwives and plunket nurses cant get to us within a day but maybe having groups of women out there that are willing to help, will help those in need and keep them feeding when they may have otherwise given up trying.

  172. I seriously hope that you offer those bodysuits for sale after this comp ends, they are awesome!! I just want to say that I LOVE breastfeeding, even tho it can be hard sometimes-the rewards are endless! It’s great to have even more places where this special practice can be celebrated, and it’s participants supported πŸ™‚

  173. Very good idea! I have been BF my 10 1/2month old son since birth, and really love our special time together. It’s great that I am the one he will settle for after a little drink.
    One thing I found when we were in ante-natal class, was that BF was pushed very hard, and the instructor almost showed bottle-feeding mums as failures. I wish they showed us a more balanced ‘argument’ for the benefits of both breast and bottle. I am just glad I was able to feed William, and stick with it. It was a struggle in the beginning, esp. as he wouldn’t latch, but now I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

  174. What an awesome website!!! I would love to see more stories about how women have found breastfeeding. I found it really easy but the info that was given to me before I had my baby made it seem really really complicated. It stressed me out and almost put me off.

  175. My baby boy is only 3 weeks old so I am new to breastfeeding and we had a few teething problems at the beggining as my son had a tongue tie which we have since had released but I persevered throughout despite having sore bleeding nipples. I think that it is great that there are websites available to offer support and advice to breastfeeding mothers.

    • aww itz nice to hear from someone else that has a baby my age and hasn’t had the greatest time with b.fdn. i struggle with some kind of b.fdn depression when i have babys. and it happned again with baby no.4 but i have continued to b.fd for now. now and then i give him a bottle of formula at the night time when he seems to have a gd feed from both but still is hungry. but i have found, whether your b.fdn or formula, aslong as your happy your baby will be happy. this is a cool site and very helpful info gets put on here. so congratz on the baby and gd luk with it al πŸ™‚

  176. I love that there is a website like this you can come too. I have enjoye dteh whole breastfeeding experience so much. I especially love the morning feed with my 15 month old. The way he snuggles into me holding onto my top then he starts to rub my face it’s awesome. I couldn’t feed my oldest, He was very jaudice when he was born and I had no support from my midwife or the hospital. They were quite happy to let him starve rather than help us. Different mid wife 2nd and 3rd time round and wow what a difference it made. I fed my daughter till she was 18 months and will be feeding my wee man until he is 20 months which is Christmas eve this year. As much as I would love to feed him longer he has multiple allergies to Wheat, Dairy, soy, eggs and nuts as well as not being able to cope with citrus very well. So after having 2 children with these food issues I am a little bit tired so have decided that is my cut off date. It is something I will sadly miss as it is something that no one else can do for him!!! It is our special time.

  177. I would love to read about mums who had problems when they first started feeding and how they overcame it….I get a bit cross with the ‘breastfeeding is perfectly pleasant and natural’ because it isn’t for everyone. I love breastfeeding now but at the start it was really really hard!

  178. it would be great to see guest bloggers sharing breastfeeding experiences, and great place to feed out and about.

  179. Wow thank you to everyone so far that have posted their comments and ideas, gr8 job ladies! I agree with all the ladies that believe this blog will be a gr8 place for advice and also a gr8 help to those of us that have had issues with breastfeeding. My first child was born via C-section and after 4 months of breastfeeding she started to lose weight and was very restless, my breastmilk was not giving her what she needed and I reluctantly started her on formula. I now have a 4 month old who was born naturally and so far we are doing gr8 with breastfeeding! Yay!! My goal is to reach 9 months at least and so far it looks promising. I will be searching this site for others experiences and advise on storing milk and keeping my milk supply up. Many thanks Breastfeeding NZ!!!

  180. my son has just turned one and doesn’t have boobie anymore. I kinda miss it, hearing all these other peoples stories on facebook etc. Love to keep in touch with all things breastfeeding, will be doing so again when we add to our family.

  181. Love the facebook page, here’s to your blogging adventure starting! I’d like to see more Mum’s stories (and any Dad’s who feel brave), plus debunking myths around breastfeeding which can make some stop before they otherwise would have.

  182. Great blog. I like to see real life stories from other mums out there and ways to improve the everyday “less major” aches and pains of breastfeeding.

  183. Love the bodysuits!
    I’m another who loves to read stories from other mums – overcoming problems, talking about different ages and stages, getting off to a good start – whatever! I love to read them all.
    I also like to refer back to facts and figures in response to questions from others – so a FAQ or similar section could be good. Things like how long milk can be stored, benefits of breastfeeding for both mum and bub.

  184. Fantastic to see so much support! Get out and about breastfeeding in public for Breastfeeding week-our community needs to see it as the norm!

  185. I just randomly saw the advert for this site on facebook and am really glad that I did πŸ™‚
    I think that if you are able to then yes breast is best and get really annoyed at all the negative comments about feeding in public, when baby is hungry then by golly baby is hungry!! Anyways awesome site and I really enjoy reading everyones different experiences πŸ™‚

  186. Wow! So many responses! Haven’t had a chance to read every single one, but loving what I’ve read so far! Just love reading funny stories about babes doing funny things with boobs! Also Mums who BF beyond the first year. Look forward to future reading…

  187. Breastfeeding baby number 2, loving the time we get together. Feeling more confident feeding in public this time. Looking forward to Friday.

  188. love the t-shirts! not sure if someone has already asked (don’t have time to read the 100s of comments) but what size do they go up to?

  189. Hi all,

    What a fantastic idea for a blog. I’d love to see some articles similar to the content of LLL’s Aroha Magazine.

    Things like:
    β€’ anedotes from women who have overcome adversity
    β€’ recipes for people with allergic or food sensitive babies
    β€’ links to information in new scientific studies
    β€’ any news on milk banking in NZ
    β€’ more merchandise πŸ™‚
    β€’ hints and tips for whanau to support breastfeeding mothers
    β€’ overcoming challenges of work and breastfeeding
    β€’ support for extended breastfeeding (up to 2 years and beyond)
    β€’ WHO guidelines and health consequences
    β€’ reminders for fun events like the Big Latch On
    β€’ support for businesses who are doing their bit to support breastfeeding
    β€’ mothers’ thanks to the people who helped them out when they were starting or encountered obstacles in their BF journeys (lactation consultants, other mothers, Karitane)
    β€’ good news about how breastfeeding helps sick or premmie infants
    β€’ tips and information on Attachment Parenting
    β€’ news related to midwifery and health providers

    You name it! Thanks heaps!

  190. Hiya πŸ™‚

    My girl isn’t here yet, due 1st Sept so 1 month to go!

    I got the dvd by you guys (atleast I’m pretty sure it is!) from my antenatal class tutor and it was GREAT and so down to earth, & easy to watch. I’m glad we get to keep the dvd’s as it’ll be just like looking back to ‘notes’ about BF’ing when the time comes.

    Anyway, what will be helpful for me (what WON’T be?!) to read, would be stories about women who maybe struggled with it but persevered. I love all the positive stories but also love how on the dvd it covers mum’s who have also had issues.

    Also anything to keep up milk supply, and also quiet things to do with one hand to keep us awake while feeding. Strange fear; but I’m quite scared of falling asleep when she’s feeding, as I’m a single mama and won’t have someone to wake me up if it happens! Even though I’m sure she will let me know, all on her own πŸ™‚

    • Hi, As a single mama myself, I understand totally. Breastfeeding does tend to make you pretty drowsy. As long as you are not drinking or smoking, falling asleep is totally fine! I fall asleep all the time. Make sure you have pillows around your arms if you are sitting in a chair, but try laying on the bed….feeding lying down is wonderful! Nothing else needs doing but napping with your baby, then when baby wakes…look at that lovely rested mummy!

  191. I would love to read about how much expressed breast milk babies should be offered at different ages if required πŸ™‚

  192. this is such a cool site and it good to see that there is more encourgment and support towards breastfeeding i have breastfeed all of my 4 children #1 for 23mths 2nd for 13mth 3rd for 25mths and stiil going with my 4th who is only 5mths i dont now if i would have the same relationship with my kids now if i didn’t breastfeed

  193. I most likely can’t breast feed after a breast reduction I needed at 19yrs old, and have been advised by doctors and my specialists not to have kids as my body is under enough stress. I don’t want any sympathy, I just want the mum’s out there to know that even though it can be hard, painful as well as an amazing experience, you are very lucky to have the opportunity to try for that bonding experience. I would love to win one of these jumpsuits for a special little man who breastfeeds in his sleep, Oliver.
    He is the first born to one of my long time friends and is the most darling little man I’ve ever known (I took his photo in the above link). I’d love to be able to give something to a family who mean more than they could ever know to me.
    Everytime I see a woman breastfeeding it makes me smile, its one of the few lasting beauties in this world.

  194. this site is really good. has some good stories for people to come and read, and get tips from. would be nice to see some info on what is good food to eat, what you should stare clear off ( they have food restrictions while pregnant) and also any other information to help with breastfeeding. i have 4 children, youngest being just bout 4wks. 1st child, i had the most trouble trying to get her latched on, even my midwife said she is dificult and as i started to get down and getting pnd i didnt know what to do, so i xpressed, as it was really getting me down. my midwife also told me if i couldn’t feed from the breast i shouldnt do any at all. so i gave up xpressing at about 3 and a half wks and formula feed her. 2nd baby had xpressed b.milk for a month and then formula, 3rd baby was about a month of b.fdn, but pnd and this depression i get when i breastfeed got to much for me and i gave it up. my youngest baby tho is doing well and we are getting there. i hope i do carry on for a while longer but if i dont then i know i can still give my baby some kind of food and he is still being loved, just not from the breast. but am so thankful for the breasfeeding nz on facebook. has really helped me out πŸ™‚

  195. Fantastic and good on you with keeping up with the play technology wise – blogs and facebook great! I would like any tips for ‘to be’ or ‘first time’ Mums. Thanks!

  196. I would love to read some of the lighter/funnier sides of breast feeding in your blog! There are so many great web sites about breastfeeding but you don’t get many funny light hearted stories. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Ok, here’s one..My 2yr old daughter is now blowing raspberries and making farty noises on my boobie while shes feeding. It is so funny!!! I laugh and laugh every time! But then she’ll do it while shes meant to be going off to sleep and im pretending to sleep too, and I bust out a huge grin cuase its so fuuny that farty noise and shes being so super cute, trying to make me laugh cause she knows she can! And then I just love her all over and cant get mad about not sleeping. Darn Oxytocin stuff giving out too much love, not enough stern”go to sleep” stuff!

  197. My gorgeous wee girl is 4 months and is fully breastfed despite huge battles. She still screams at the breast and it is a challenge everytime to get her on. I have had numerous people telling me that I may have to go to formula etc, but no way I intend to bf her for quite some time. Does anyone else have the problem of bubs screaming at the breast for no apparent reason? I must admit it does get me down at times, but I think of all the good things and it’s all worth it πŸ™‚

    • oh my yes!!!! she grew out of it at about 5 months. no idea still why she did, not wind/reflux etc. hang in there :0)

  198. I don’t mind breastfeeding in Public, in fact I hope it encourages others to do the same, it can be quite lonely being locked away to feed.

  199. Every baby needs one of them cute suits but hey I think we need more info on how to stop babys bitin ya nipples when they teething I yelped so loud the first time it happen my wee darling thought it was funny with seven teeth an the eight approaching my babys only ten months it can be very painful any ideas people happy breast feeding week to all the mummys out there

  200. saw the add on facebook

    i think this is a great site
    i have a 4 year old daughter who i didnt manage to breast feed for more than 2 weeks
    i also have a 9 mnth old daughter who i am managing to breastfeed and plan to keep feeding until she refuses and i ove it think its great πŸ™‚
    thanks for all the support from plunket and other breastfeeding support groups

    its great that mothers are feeding their babys. and for those who have had trouble for they also tryed.

  201. I definitly agee I want to see more of feeding beyond the first year. Also tips from people about breastfeeding friendly (and not so friendly) places!

  202. Thanks for investing your time, space and energy into these initiatives this World Breastfeeding Awareness week. These designs are awesome!
    I would welcome any shared experiences; what would be of most use to me would be tips around breastfeeding within a busy and large family πŸ™‚

  203. As others have said things of interest would include common problems & ideas to overcome these, breastfeeding friendly cafes etc & places to buy good quality breastfeeding tops & dresses πŸ™‚

  204. Great to be part of a community of breastfeeding mothers. We are so blessed here in NZ to have all this support! I’d like to hear about other Mum’s experiences breastfeeding in the community – perhaps advice on super breastfeeding-and-baby-friendly cafes etc.

  205. lovely to see you have started a blog, would be great to be able to read/hear about other peoples breastfeeding journeys, and also breastfeeding information such as what is in the milk, and health benefits, statistics and such i find quite interesting! my girl is 11 months tomorow, and still feeding all day and night (sigh) i love our special bond, i had planned to stop demand feeding at age one, and finish altogether by age two, but i dont see how i can take her beloved boobies away so im just holding on for the ride at the moment! LOL/ i fed my first baby till 7.5months, and slow weaned over a month, i had planned to feed her until 2, and it didnt happen, so im not getting too attached to the plan, LOL. good job everyone for supporting breastfeeding πŸ™‚

    • I so know what you mean about taking boobies away. My girl is a major boobie lover. It can get really hard on me cause I love feeding her but she asks for “milk” all the time! Mostly its cause im not paying her enough attention. I cant sit there all day feeding, not now shes over 2. Shes also so much harder to hold when out in public. Train seats and park benches often have arm rests!

  206. Just the simple fact of sharing my breastfeeding experience with other like minded people, the good and the bad, has been a great support to me. I have enjoyed sharing my opinion with others and reading all the daily blogs on Facebook, Keep up the good work!!!!

  207. This is a great idea. I am sitting here feeding my 5 week old son. I have breast fed all 4 of my children, and I even tandem fed my eldest two. There is a wealth of knowledge out in the community and a huge amount of support from wonderful breast feeding mothers!

  208. I’ve really enjoyed the Breastfeeding NZ facebook, makes me feel a part of a community, and that long term breastfeeding is normal, despite knowing very few people personally who do. Looking forward to reading the blog.

  209. Its Simple for me to keep coming back to read and check, SUPPORT from other mums, TRICKS..And did i Mention SUPPORT. support is a big thing as i do not have much as my family is all in another country, so its hard, but reading everyones posts, helps me.

    • Ayla, I hope you can build a community around you. Its so important to have people to chat to and to cry to. Go to playcentre, La leche league, find a coffee group. Do anything to create that support.

  210. I would like to see info on breastfeeding and going back to work. I plan to go back to work when my baby is 6 months old but want to continue breastfeeding, so any support on how to do this would be great!

  211. It is fantastic to be able to chat with other mums who r going thru the same things as me. They can offer u advice and you can help them on return. Thanks for this blog what a great idea. I think a LC providing advice would b a great idea especially for those who too embarased to seek help else where. It mayb the choice to keep feeding or to stop.

  212. A database or forum about where to go for advice. Names and numbers of lactation consultants or other places you can get help. EG. Baby cafe in Hastings etc

  213. trouble shooting for mothers this would be a great resource for mothers to find out info and vent any issues they have had or achievements they have made. For example I bottle fed my first baby due to a few complications we had but with good support and patience I breast fed my second successfully and was so proud for doing so. I still felt self-concious out in public doing it but then I thought who cares what people think I’m proud of my baby and that he knows whats good for him so I’m going to support him in it. So with that thought I got over myself and fed baby everywhere.

  214. Breast is best! Hang in there any mummys who are struggling! It is great nutritionally for your wee bubs and it helps you bond. I had to go under general anesthetic when giving birth to my son. He was whisked away into an incubator almost straight away. When I woke up there was no one there and i hadn’t met bubs. I didn’t even know I’d had a boy because I didn’t find out the sex beforehand. When I finaly got to meet him it was his first feeding. Very special moment for us both.

  215. I’d like to read inspirational stories about breastfeeding, especially about ppl who stuck it out thru difficult situations and also breast-friendly cafes/restaurants!

  216. I would love to see any ideas aand support for mums who have had a breast reduction and want to breastfeed. And also for those who have had an enlargement. Also to let mums know that it is okay if you have to top up feeds with formula.
    I have had reduction and found it very hard in the hospital to get formula for my son after i realised that i just did not have any hind-milk for my son. He got the first part which gets rid of the thirst but there was no milk that would fill him up and so he was hungry and losing more weight then he should. Once I put him on formula top up he put the weight back on and has been doing well ever since.

    • What a cool blog! Wish I knew about it 2 1/2 years ago when I had the worst nipples in the world with my first child. I managed to get through it and feed her for 13 months which was good. I am now breastfeeding my 4 week old baby boy without the problems I had last time – careful latching seems to be the key!!
      Would love to read stories about how people got through troubling times to breastfeed successfully.

  217. I have loved getting the status updates on FB….
    And i finally decided that yes i would go with my 28 mth old daughter to the Big Latch On in Botany. It will probably be our last one but i think i am pleased that we have done three together.

  218. LOVE the blog, and the facebook page. love reading peoples comments etc there can never be too much info and support for breastfeeding mums! keep up the great work xo

  219. I’m in for the big latch on at Windsor Cafe, Mairangi Bay. I’d love to hear about how women are keeping the milk flowing, avoiding mastitis, etc. I’ve been drinking Artemis breastfeeding tea. Lovely flavour and great milk so far with my 5 1/2 mo daughter. I took lecithin with my first to keep milk ducts from blocking. She is 5 now.

  220. hi i would love to have advise on breastfeeding and sleeping,i have a five month old who has been waking five times a nite,and as a solo mum with a toddler im finding this quite tiring to say the least

    • Hi, do you co-sleep? This helps. My daughter wakes loads but I hardly notice because she feeds, then back to sleep again. All very drowsy. Whenever she is not in bed with me and I have to get up (like on a night I’ve had a few wines and its not safe to share a bed) I really notice, it sucks getting out of bed!

  221. I love hearing the ‘random facts’ about BFing and my favourite blogs have beautiful photos. I love the above ideas of being able to ask questions to professionals and read personal stories of peoples nursing journeys, sounds like just what I needed when times were tough those first few months!

    but the main thing that would keep me returning to the blog would be regular posting, even if just some images or small quotes

  222. I think there needs to be more information regarding reynauds disease, I have it and if it wasn’t for a very helpful plunket nurse I would have given up breastfeeding, the plunket nurse gave me the name of the medication used to ease the symptoms but when I went to my GP about it he tried to say I had thrush because he had never heard of raynauds before.

  223. Breastfeeding & reading stuff on my iPod as I write. I’d like to see different mums talk about their breastfeeding experiences.

  224. Great to see an NZ Bfing blog!! I’d really love to see an article on babies with a toungue tie and how this affects their feeding. my son was born with a severe tongue tie which caused my milk supply to decrease (only getting 10mls when pumping) and he was losing weight. Took me 3months to induce lactation fully again and was so worth the determination and effort!!!

    • Good on you Ally, many women would give up, especially if someone is standing there with a bottle and says…i’ll do it for you.

  225. It would be great if we could recommend good GPs, Lactation Consultants, Midwifes, etc. These professionals make a huge impact on whether a mum continues to breastfeed or not. My experience is that they don’t all understand breastfeeding too well so we need to know where to find the good ones! I knew a mother who stopped breastfeeding because she tried to express some milk when at the GPs and couldn’t get much, so they decided she had low supply and stopped breastfeeding! Shocking!

  226. I have had pretty straight forward breastfeeding experiences with my first 2 children but am finding breastfeeding my 3 month old daughter a lot more tricky. I am enjoying your website and Facebook as this time round I need some support and access to information. I think your blog is a great idea as I like to stay in touch with issues which are a major part of my life (which b/feeding is!). Unfortunately I cannot do the Latch-on tomorrow morning as I have to take my two preschoolers to Soccer… Now that is a topic – the challenges of giving my little girl her special breastfeeding times while keeping my two boys happy as well…

  227. LOVE IT – great idea! Id like to see more support links for women who as much as they’d like to simply can’t breastfeed :o(

  228. I love reading all sorts of stories but particularly like the ones about Mum’s whose perseverence has paid off with breastfeeding – they are wonderful stories that keep me inspired… I suffer from depression and had a very flat & exhausting pregnancy, a pretty horrific labour with my daughter ending up in the neo-natal intensive care ward at Princess Margaret Childrens’ Hospital in Perth due to having a respiratory virus. Unfortunately I wasn’t transferred to the same hospital so she was started on tube feeding & then started on formula and bottle feeding… I then struggled to get her to breastfeed as she had got lazy and used to the bottle. I started using nipple shield which initially worked well but then became difficult with it flopping off and falling in front of her nose etc… At approximately six weeks I ended up having to introduce bottle feeds with formula as at times I just could not get her to take the breast, she would scream and scream at me… It was a heartbreaking decision but the only way I could get her to feed… I continued to try to breastfeed & top up with formula, but I then fell into post natal depression & was suffering from high anxiety. I came very close to ceasing breastfeeding altogether but on the other hand I was determined that I wanted to breastfed… I persevered and it has paid off, we are still giving bottle feeds with formula but I am still breastfeeding when she is calm and I have hired an electric breast pump to keep my supply up. I am determined to have her still taking breast milk until at least 12 months to ensure I have given her the absolute best start possible. I think this website is great to keep Mum’s & Dad’s positive, focused & put things into perspective with so much encouraging information – I am so glad I continued to persevere and I am thus far still winning the battle!

  229. I love reading all sorts of baby related stories but I particularly like the ones about Mums’ whose perseverence has paid off with breastfeeding – they are wonderful stories that have assisted in keeping me inspired… I suffer from depression and had a very flat & exhausting first pregnancy, a pretty horrific labour with my daughter ending up in the neo-natal intensive care ward at Princess Margaret Childrens’ Hospital in Perth due to having a respiratory virus. Unfortunately I wasn’t transferred to the same hospital so she began tube feeding & was then started on formula and bottle feeding… I then struggled to get her to breastfeed as she had become lazy and used to the bottle. I started using nipple shields which initially worked well but then became difficult with it flopping off and falling in front of her nose etc… At approximately six weeks I ended up having to introduce bottle feeds with formula as at times I just could not get her to take the breast, she would scream and scream at me… It was a heartbreaking decision but the only way I could get her to feed… I continued to try to breastfeed & top up with formula, but I then fell into post natal depression & was suffering from high anxiety. I came very close to ceasing breastfeeding altogether as the whole situation was very stressful and overwheming but on the other hand I was determined that I wanted to breastfed… I persevered and it has paid off, we are still giving bottle feeds with formula but I am still breastfeeding when she is calm and I have hired an electric breast pump to keep my supply up. I am determined to have her still taking breast milk until at least 12 months to ensure I have given her the absolute best start possible. I think this website is great to help keep Mum’s AND Dad’s to remain positive, focused & put things into perspective with so much encouraging information – I am so glad I continued to persevere and I am thus far still winning the battle!

  230. I would love to hear articles and info about “extended” breastfeeding.
    Also any facts and figures about bf that are not always common knowledge. (babies saliva tells the breast what nutrients/amount of protien etc baby needs) Women need support to breastfeed, lots of support and I think that when society assumes that women will breastfeed this helps.
    Teach people to help by offering to get the groceries, put a load of wshing on, make a dinner, do some dishes. But please don’t offer a stuggling mum a bottle!

    It would be good to see more adverts around, esp on tv promoting bf. To balance out all the formula garbage. Come on people…all the “nutrients” they promote their product has. As if breast milk isnt enough. For years and years they try and try to get better, make a better product to try and be like what?……Breastmilk!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work you are doing, it is appreciated.

  231. i love the idea of knowing beastfeeding freindly places and not so much. also love hearing other mums stories too πŸ™‚

  232. I am a grandmother to 3 beautiful children Ella, aged 4 years, Archie 5 1/2 months and Kalee 3 1/2 months and I want to say thank you to my daughter-in-law Janine and my daughter Helena for breastfeeding my grandchildren and giving them the very best start in life!

  233. I have a 10-month-old daughter who still loves nothing more than her booby-time. I still find it such a special time for her and I to be together – rather magical really.
    I think if this blog contained a breastfeeding tip for the day each day (or maybe tip for the week each week) from a lactation consultant or similar and an interesting fact about breastfeeding each day or week, I would regularly be back to read this blog. Also, maybe an advice section? Maybe also an issue of the day that people could comment on or provide some support around, to use the wisdom of the collective community? I’d also love to see a facts file where there are links to articles and research about breastfeeding to help us remember why we are breastfeeding and to help us easily find the facts when people might question our choice to keep breastfeeding.

  234. Maybe have something on how to sucessfully feed baby with the bottle (with EBM) and continuing sucessfully breastfeeding? How to get bubs used to the bottle but still want to feed from breast? I enjoy reading other mums stories and questions. Its good to know im not the only one whos still going after set backs at the start and its good to know you can go some where if you have no one to go to advice with breastfeeding too. I breastfed my 4 year old for 1 year and am currently breastfeeding my 6month old πŸ™‚ You ladies Rock!!!

  235. This is another lovely idea – support is so important – I wish I had known with my first baby that breastfeeding could be such hard work! There are lots of things I will do differently next time! It would be great to have ideas and tips that have been tried by other mums anf babies! I’d follow this (as I do on facebook) if there were good tips and ideas from real mums (as well as experts) – even tips from the experts and then mums who have actually tried that tip/idea before as well.
    Short tips of information from experts would be helpful too πŸ™‚

  236. Awesome site. I’m so glad I’m able to breastfeed but am a bit worried about my little man getting teeth, so some tips on dealing with and stopping biting would be good, because I know a lot of people who had to stop because of this. Info about and reviews of any breastfeeding events, recipies for mum which contribute to healthy milk, breastfeeding’s role when solids start, stories from mums, boobie fashion, night feeding, feeding in public, reviews on breast pads/nipple cream… stuff like that!

    Love the t-shirts. Looking forward to info on buying them πŸ™‚

  237. After 3 children born in the uk,(2 of them not breastfed and the younger I managed for 4 days) we have a little addition here in NZ after heaps of support from the midwifes at Nelson hospital we are proudly 4 months down the line breast feeding him, lots of hints/tips and suggestions with real life blogs and a support group, it really helps to read you are not alone and not all mums find it a breeze, myself and little one celebrate with the big latch on.

  238. Great website and blog. I am 38 weeks preg with number 3 baby, I would love to see some articles on ideas to keep up your milk supply when you are already running around after other children and managing all the activities that go with them.

  239. I love the support , love & encouragement for breastfeeding. as my 2 older children were BF, the love of it was better when i weaned them off. some people are rude, but the support of it needs to be more then NZ wide. naiveness is something many people need to learn that we are looking out for # 1 which is the health & feeding our baby. great bodysuits , so cute πŸ™‚ i think a advice section for new mums where they can get tips from other mums , another section for weaning & maybe a few photos of proper ways to attach once they are wiggly ( my now 1yr old little miss is a great example of never laying still LOL ) . different wkly tips from LLL or someone who knows what they are talking about. keep up the great work

  240. Doesn’t really matter what the topics are – I find them all interesting + love reading other mum’s experiences.

  241. Hi, over the pass 5years since i was 19 I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding my beautiful children, that’s 34 months of breastfeeding and still going with Mr. eleven month old, Mr four year old was breastfeed until he was Fourteen months old and Miss two was breastfeed until she was nine months old, the only reason I stopped breastfeeding them was because they decided to bite me I did give them three chances of course.. I love this website its full of wonderful people and story’s, I found breastfeeding New Zealand through Facebook. Keep up the good work!

  242. hi, i am breastfeeding my first baby now he is nearly four months and it is places like this that really help and support me to keep bf, i love that my son is getting all he needs from me, and i am the first to admit it was very hard in the beginning lots of pain and everything but now it is great, we have a good routine and closer bond becasue of it i think.

  243. I love breastfeeding my baby. I wished at the start when bits of my nipples were missing the midwives at the hospital had the sense to tell me about tongue tie. It was the most painful thing ever. It would be great if there was more information out there about tongue tie. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the blogs

  244. My baby is coming up to 1 year. I was going to stop when she got to 1, but we both enjoy it so I think I will continue for a few more months. I’m the only one in my play group that still breastfeeds, but they are all supportive of me which helps. Went to my first latch on yesterday, it was nice to meet other mums who breastfeed as currently don’t know anyone.
    Yay to all breastfeeders out there.

  245. There is one thing that realy get to me about the breastfeeding in this country. Dont get me wrong i love bfing my kids and would not do it any other way. They push breast feeding so much in New Zealand, witch i love but then once you got it established they send you back to work. You only get 14 weeks paid leave here how do they expect mums to be able to feed there baby properly while they have to work full time to keep the money coming in. I realy think NZ should have at least six months leave.
    I think this Blog is a great Idea where mums can talk to other mums about feeding and get tips and storys, Keep up the great work lets just work on the goverment now lol.

  246. Proud breastfeeding mum of 3 beautiful boys, youngest 18 months and loves his boobies. Love the idea of a breastfeeding blog and would like greater awareness in the childcare centres about dealing with breastfed babies with working mums

  247. I am currently breastfeeding my 6 month old son (my third bub who has enjoyed the good stuff!) I fed my first till a year, my second I tried stopping at 9 months, but after 10 days and lots of tears (hers and mine!) I realised it wasn’t the right time. This one I’m planning to feed till HE’S ready to stop. I’d like to see stories and information to support mums to breastfeed for longer, through all the ‘barriers’, so that our bubs can get as much of this natural, wholesome goodness for as long as they need it.

  248. Great idea re: blog. Luckly the breastfeeding is going smooth with me and my little 7 mo old man. Guess I would like to see advice on how to keep babies from using me as a teether. It hurts and he doesn’t have teeth yet. I don’t want to scare him and prevent him from wanting bm anymore. But the chewing on me has to stop b/c it’s making me feel like i did the first two weeks of bf. I also like to read articles about health benefits. And I hope to bf my baby till he’s 2, but not much after that. Maybe weaning tips could also be added, if that’s not going against the website. I know my friend is having so much agony weaning her 2 year old and i feel sorry for her b/c her baby ends up having a melt down and she ends up giving in and she has no one to ask for advice.

  249. I think it would be cool to maybe once a week have a specialist Lactation consultant do a blog about some interesting facts about breastfeeding that most people don’t know. Discussing the actual science behind why it is so fab. For example we all know that breastfeeding helps build babies immune system but did you know that when you breastfeed your body detects nasty bugs on your baby that can make them sick and then produces the antibodys to fight them. It then deposits these antibodys into the milk to give back to the baby πŸ™‚ Hence why breastfeed babies don’t get sick as often.

  250. im currently demand breast feeding my 1 month old baby. i would like to know if theres such a thing as to much? shes feeding on the hour for aa long as she like?? awesome site love hearing from other mums πŸ™‚

  251. What a fantatic idea, love seeing mum’s supporting eachother! I would love to see info about night feeds, thats when my 6 mth old does most of his feeding!! its exhausting!

  252. I did my part to support breastfeeding week… I investigated the big latch on, and got my friend (also a breastfeeding mum) to attend with me to do our part to raise support for breastfeeding. Very proud to support it!!

  253. I LOVE THIS ❀

    This is a MUCH NEEDED blog and forum for all men and women who support breastfeeding.

    I think it's a GREAT encouragement and outlet to have this online community for all Mums – & all DADS. Yes, let's not forget the involve all Dads in this too. They can provide great encouragement, support and understanding for us Mums πŸ™‚

    The baby gear is a FANTASTIC idea and makes an AWESOME, FASHIONABLE STATEMENT at home and in public πŸ™‚

    Do you have these gorgeous designs available for adults (t-shirts) to wear too?? I would definitely be proud to wear these in public to show my support.

    I would LOVE for you to start a PETITION to have BREASTFEEDING be made "allowed" "acceptable" and "encouraged" in public places, including at businesses such as the workplace, shops, restaurants, cafes, public transport, etc.

    Is there a LAW in N.Z. that states that if anyone tells you to go breastfeed in the toilet/bathroom/or somewhere "more private" that they are committing a crime??? Well, there SHOULD BE. Why don't we START A PETITION to make this law (if there isn't one already).

    Nobody should be allowed to give you filthy looks or make snide comments as they pass. Nobody should make Mums feel like they have to hide while breastfeeding.


    • I also would really like this, what a great idea, especially as breast feeding recently got a bad rap and condemnation in the news recently (think it was on Campbell?). This sort of negative publicity should not be permitted, I’d like to help something about it. It also made me feel negatively targeted and uncomfortable about feeding my baby in public. Our hungry babies should NOT have to eat in toilets, its disgusting πŸ˜₯

  254. loving these bodysuits hehe. when i was preganant i said 6 months then we’re on the bottle! we’re now 7 months and i have no intention of stopping yet hehe i love the special time with my daughter πŸ™‚

  255. wow what a great site!!! i like how the fb page supports mums of all ages!
    like me im a young single mum with 3 children brest feed them all and still going with my 17mth old she and i love it so much…….keep the site going forever its the best thing since sliced bread!!!!:))

  256. I love the tops and you have some real useful info about breastfeeding im still feeding my 7 month old son but trying to cut back now as he starting on solids more than once aday now on.

  257. I breastfed my first son until he was 1, he is now 11 years old and have only had my second child another boy. From the beginning of my pregnancy with my seond child I dexcided that I was going to breadfeed as it is very important part of growth and bonding for mother and child. I have no regrets at all. My son is now 12 days old. For those of you who may find it difficult just hang in there. The results far outweigh the frustration !

  258. Would love to hear from any women combining work and BF. especially any farming women. im trying hard to be a mum and a farmer, but it sure isnt easy

  259. I would love lots of information about breastfeeding if PCOS effects milks supply. Expected a baby in November who I WILL be breastfeeding regardless of what this stupid medical condition thinks. My 4 year old (not biologically mine) is a big breastfeeding advocat thanks to seeing my sister do it and all the talks we are having. Her langauge is delayed but she is making her ideas very clear n the matter . She is always breastfeeding her dolls and told me the other day at preschol “My bubby no need bottle me breastfeed” SO great to know even the smallest emmbers of my family are so supportive of my plans. LOVE the body suits πŸ™‚

  260. Hi im currently bf my 4 month old on demand n she can eat alot n i can get really sore nipples tips on what works really well for sore nipples would be great thanks


  261. Yay for breastfeeding!!! I love the bodysuits. They are gorgeous, but what about some t-shirts for the awesome breastfeeding Mums? I would definitely wear one!!

  262. I think this is a fantastic idea to have a page to encourage mums to breastfeed. It would be nice to have info for first time mums on how hard it is first time around and how sometimes your baby has to be taught to be feed. I think we should be able to petition the politians to make it a law that you can breast feed in public!

  263. Great to see your website out in the public domain. This will be so positive for mums that may need some extra help & don’t know where to go.

  264. I’d like to hear about businesses around nz making breastfeeding in public easier for mums and also to hear the stories of the mums involved with breastfeeding nz!

  265. I was too late to enter comp (couldn’t find the link) but the onesies are awesome! Can we buy them? Helpful information would be product testing/ratings of different baby products to do with breastfeeding, like breast pumps for example. Tips on methods how to breastfeed in public i.e. building up confidence to do it πŸ˜‰ techniques, positions, recommended clothing to wear (that isnt awkward or hard to do up), so that feeding is discreet but not hiding my hungry baby under a cover.

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  267. Women’s Health Action would like to thank everyone who helped us make this another successful Big Latch On with an impressive 1521 mums latched on throughout Aotearoa!! We are already looking at how to make it even better in 2011! Any comments you have would be greatly appreciate – email isis@womens-health.org.nz

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